‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse on April 15 and the Tetrad Phenomenon Warn about the Coming Apocalypse?

blood moonTomorrow the moon will be painted the color of the fire. It will be possible to witness a rare phenomenon, which some argue to herald the “end of the world”.

The astrological phenomenon, which takes place every 500 years, is called “tetrad” and involves four consecutive lunar eclipses, among which there will be six full moons.

Lunar eclipses happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned and the sunlight is refracted, giving the moon bright red color, like blood. Continue reading

More People Actually Believe in Aliens Than in God

aliens vs godAccording to results of a British poll, almost 60% of people believe that extraterrestrial life exists, while a survey carried out by the University of Chicago states that only 37% actually believes in God.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Nick Pope, the former head of the project for investigation of UFO sightings of the Ministry of Defense, said: “Around 60 % of people believe that we are not alone in the universe. This means that actually more people believe in aliens than in God.” Continue reading

«Hello, I am the Lord»: An Unusual Psychiatric Experiment

three jesusesThere was a remarkable meeting in one of the clinics in the U.S. in the mid-1940s. Two patients were having a cute chat, until one of them decided to introduce herself: “Mary, Mother of the Lord.” “But, my dear, this is impossible,” answered the other patient. ”You’re just crazy. After all, I am the Virgin Mary.” The debate dragged on for a long time, and the hospital staff watched them with interest until the eldest of the patients suddenly said: “Well, if you are Mary, then I must be Anna, your mother.” This decision satisfied everybody, and moreover, the elderly patient who demonstrated flexibility soon showed a better response to treatment and Continue reading

5 Amazing Things We Learnt from Stephen Hawking

stephen hawking1. The past is just a probability

In accordance with Hawking, one of the consequences of the theory of quantum mechanics is that the events in the past did not occur in a particular way. Instead, they occurred in all possible ways. This has to do with the probabilistic nature of matter and energy as stated by quantum mechanics: as long as there is no outside observer, everything is uncertain.

As Hawking said, “no matter what kind of memories of the past you keep in the present, the past, as well as the future, is uncertain and exists as a range of possibilities.

2. General relativity is linked to errors of navigation systems

General relativity postulates that Continue reading

What if Earth is a Prison Planet Where Our Souls Are Trapped?

extraterrestrial origin planetAs if remembering something important and eternal, the human soul asks itself: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is the meaning of my presence in this world? Where do I go after death?

These questions are not accidental, given that one of the theories about the origin of our species claims that the Earth is a place where souls go through a stage of reflection and correction. This is a prison planet where we all are incarcerated, that is why it is useless to aspire for universal peace and the perfect order of the world since living on this planet does not set such a goal. Continue reading

What Is Love According to Science, Philosophy and Religion?

what is loveThe most popular Google search of last year was the question: “What is Love?” And the Guardian newspaper asked five “experts” to answer it.

A physicist, a psychotherapist, a philosopher, an author of romantic novels and a nun gave their answer to the question about Love, from their personal perspective of the subject.

The Physicist

“Love is chemistry” (Answers Jim Al-Khalili, theoretical physicist and writer).

Biologically, Love is an intense neurological condition, such as hunger or thirst, but more permanent. We say that love is blind or we talk about love being blind or unconditional, meaning that we cannot control it. But again, this is not particularly surprising, since Love, is basically Continue reading

Revealing the Mystery of Dreams and Dreaming

mystery of dreamsWhat are dreams? What is this strange world that exists alongside to our own, inside and outside of it, occurring at the same time? Is this a world, which is the same with the one of awareness, with the only difference of being the “eye” of consciousness that makes the one the real-world and the other fantastic?

People of ancient times had different beliefs about the world of dreams and its importance. Today scientists, researching the secrets of the brain, believe that they have got even closer in solving the riddle of dreams.

Dreams are mental and emotional expressions that are displayed on the “screen” of our minds while we are sleeping. We dream about one to two hours every night, while we may experience four to seven dreams during our sleep. Every person dreams, but not everyone remembers his dreams. Dreams are colourful and often involve all of our senses, giving us impressions of smells, sounds, images, tastes and things we touch. Sometimes we often see the same dream over and over again and some other times we feel that we had seen this specific dream before, without being able to remember if this had actually happened. Also, sometimes we might dream about unfamiliar places and situations that seem to be oddly familiar. Continue reading

Evolution and Human Consciousness: Unanswered Questions

human brain potentialIntelligence emerged as a result of a genetic accident – this is the most common conclusion among researchers who study human evolution. Their studies would also have to answer why the brain remains, in spite of all the important tasks it performs, a sleeping giant since neurological research shows that we only use 5-7% of its potential.

Human intelligence is the result of a huge number of interconnected neural functions, producing manual dexterity, a highly sophisticated and clear stereoscopic vision, recognition and use of complex symbols (abstract thinking) and a very long memory. Nowadays, the predominant scientific view is that there are many degrees of complexity intelligence (some of which are present in all mammals) and that humans share with apes and dolphins a lot of characteristics that, until recently, were considered unique to human beings. Continue reading

Astral Travelling: a great guide into the world of astral

astral travelProbably all of you have heard of astral travel. For some of you, astral travel idea seems crazy. But astral travelling was practiced throughout history, and there are thousands of documents and scientific experiments that demonstrate that astral travel is real. People are afraid of astral travel, as “sleep paralysis” may occur (a consequence of astral travel).

Skeptics have some reasons to reject the idea of astral travel:

  1. They think that in reality astral experiences are just dreams (It is wrong, since astral travel is a really aware experiment, thousands of people confirm this).
  2. They believe that those who practice astral traveling are always Continue reading

Most Weird and Unbelievable Predictions for 2013

predictions 2013Many of us will become vegetarians and will be faced with earthquakes, famines and sinking. We will hear the announcements from the medical community about revolutionary methods of treatment and prevention of chronic and incurable diseases. NASA will enlighten us on the inhospitable surface of the Red Planet, while scientists at CERN will promise us a journey through time in ten years from now.

Betsey Lewis, writer, researcher of Earth mysteries and famous TV presenter in the U.S., gives us a glimpse of events that are predicted to take place in 2013. Continue reading