Gamma-Rays in the Center of Our Galaxy May Have Exposed Dark Matter

milky-way-gamma-rays-dark-matterNew data from the NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope show that the center of our galaxy produces far greater amounts of high gamma ray energy, the origin of which can probably be explained by recourse to the mysterious dark matter.

A team of scientists led by astrophysicist Dan Hooper of the U.S. Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab) said that the new study of gamma radiation in the galactic center is the strongest evidence that at least a part of this powerful energy emission comes from the invisible dark matter. This unknown substance that makes up Continue reading

CERN Scientists Will Try to Prove the Antigravity Theory

antigravity antimatterHaving confirmed in practice the existence of the Higgs boson, experts at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) proceeded to check the theory of the existence of antigravity. This was reported by the British media.

According to the theory, antimatter generates its own gravitational field, which, in contrast to the known gravitational forces of the Earth, does not attract but repel.

If the theory receives empirical confirmation, a real revolution will happen in the world of science”, notes the Broadcasting Company BBC. “This opens the possibility to use new forces in Continue reading

Top 7 Intriguing Space Mysteries With No Solid Explanation

space mysteriesOuter space has always attracted and perplexed humans. Its mysteries fascinated, perturbed our imagination, and forced us to go deeper into the unknown. However, the more people studied space, the more mysteries they have come across. At the moment, scientists came up with seven major mysteries in space, the number of which can grow over the next decade or so.

Mystery #1: Is there life on planet Mars?

The so-called “Red planet” has long been a stumbling block for scientists. Not quite a black hole or the Andromeda nebula, located literally next door, it is causing so many questions… Continue reading

Top 5 Puzzling Mysteries of the Universe

mysterious universeThere are a lot of things we have learnt about the universe over the last millennium. But some things are still unknown to us, and these unsolved mysteries seem suspicious to us. Let’s take a quick look at some of the puzzling mysteries we have no knowledge about to this day.

1. What is the universe made of?

Just ninety years ago, we had no problem describing what the universe consisted of: atoms, which in turn consisted of (insert the words here you may have previously been taught about). But a lot of knowledge leads to a lot of disappointments, and according to recent views, the universe is 96% made of unknown Continue reading

Will It Be Possible to Travel to Distant Stars One Day?

interstellar travel

Is it possible to get to extrasolar planetary systems faster than the speed of light? Harold White claims that it is. With his team at NASA, he manufactures a superluminal engine for interstellar travel. For example, such a vessel would arrive in just 2 weeks to the system of Alpha Centauri, which is 4 light years from the Sun.

White’s research is an effort to continue and expand the idea of the Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, which had caused heated debates in the scientific world in 1994. The scientist suggested that the space should “shrink” in front of the spacecraft and expand behind it. The spaceship should behave as if placed inside a “bubble” of the deformed space and Continue reading

American Physicists Proved the Existence of Dark Matter Particles

dark matter particlesIn the United States, during the CDMS experiment with underground cryogenic detectors, for the first time scientists managed to obtain direct evidence for the existence of dark matter particles.

According to the American physicists who conducted the experiment, there remains one step before the official confirmation of the discovery of dark matter particles – the so-called “WIMPs”.

Dark matter is an invisible substance, the presence of which can be judged only by its gravitational effects. It does not interact with electromagnetic waves, that is, it does not emit, absorb or reflect any light. Continue reading

There Is Not Just One, But Many Universes, States Greek Scientist

multiverseSpecifically, ten in the five hundredth, and in the future it will be possible to create universes in the laboratory. Moreover, we live in ten dimensions without realizing it!

These unbelievable ideas belong to the research team of Dimitris Nanopoulos, professor of physics at the University of Texas and member of the Academy of Athens.

According to the Athens News Agency, Mr. Nanopoulos estimates, based on mathematical equations, that it is possible that there are ten in the five hundredth universes. The theory of supersymmetry and the superstring theory provide that, except of the known four dimensions – three of space (length, width, height) and the time- there are still six or seven, which are “folded” in terribly small space, which means that there are 10 or 11 dimensions in total. “We live in ten dimensions, but do not realize it,” said the scientist. Continue reading

5 Impressive Facts about the Universe

impressive universeThe universe does not stop amazing us. And not just us! Astronomers often get surprised with things they discover about the origins and the structure of the universe. Read these 5 impressive things about the universe:

1. The Universe is really old

The age of the universe is 13.7 billion years, which is counted from the so-called Big Bang. The truth is that the universe is as old as time, since before the Big Bang there was no time, right?

2. The universe is growing with ever increasing speed

In 1920 the astronomer Edwin Hubble (in honor of whom the famous telescope was named) proved that the universe Continue reading

8 mysteries of the Universe that still confront scientists

mysteries of the universeScientists have revealed eight major unanswered questions of the Universe. According to the journal Science they vary from the mystery of dark matter to the query of why the Sun is so hot.

Indeed in some cases even scientists admit that some of these questions probably will not ever be answered. And if they will, it will happen thanks to astronomical observations, explains Robert Coontz. Continue reading

‘Time machine’ is created to study the ancient Universe

travel universeAfter seven years of research scientists from the University of California (UCLA) have managed to construct an instrument called ‘time machine’ which allows them to look at the most distant and ancient parts of the Universe.

This is the MOSFIRE spectrometer, which was built in Los Angeles, USA, and then moved to the W.M. Keck Observatory, at the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. The construction of the instrument is a result of teamwork of experts from several U.S. universities and organizations. The MOSFIRE weighs 5 tons and its construction cost 14 million dollars. Continue reading