‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse on April 15 and the Tetrad Phenomenon Warn about the Coming Apocalypse?

blood moonTomorrow the moon will be painted the color of the fire. It will be possible to witness a rare phenomenon, which some argue to herald the “end of the world”.

The astrological phenomenon, which takes place every 500 years, is called “tetrad” and involves four consecutive lunar eclipses, among which there will be six full moons.

Lunar eclipses happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned and the sunlight is refracted, giving the moon bright red color, like blood. Continue reading

Gamma-Rays in the Center of Our Galaxy May Have Exposed Dark Matter

milky-way-gamma-rays-dark-matterNew data from the NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope show that the center of our galaxy produces far greater amounts of high gamma ray energy, the origin of which can probably be explained by recourse to the mysterious dark matter.

A team of scientists led by astrophysicist Dan Hooper of the U.S. Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab) said that the new study of gamma radiation in the galactic center is the strongest evidence that at least a part of this powerful energy emission comes from the invisible dark matter. This unknown substance that makes up Continue reading

Will There Be a Way Back Home for Mars Colonists?

mars one missionWhen 200,000 people have decided to participate in the Mars One project , aimed to establish the first colony on Mars, they definitely took into account the fact that it would be a one-way trip.

They know that they can die even before reaching the planet, and even if they get there, it’s most likely that they will die too. And these assumptions are very difficult refute, especially when you consider that everything that ever went to the Red Planet never returned back to Earth. Continue reading

Planet X Doesn’t Exist, Confirms New Study

planet x evidenceTheories about an unknown planet hidden on the outskirts of the Solar System seem to be definitively disproved by NASA’s research. The case of the so-called “Planet X” dates back to the early 20th century, when the American astronomer Percival Lowell proposed the existence of such a body in order to explain some inexplicable features of the orbit of Uranus.

When Pluto was discovered in 1930, many astronomers rushed to celebrate the discovery of the infamous Planet X. But celebrations were premature, since it was finally found that Continue reading

Astronomers Discovered Water on Dwarf Planet Ceres

ceres waterEuropean and U.S. astronomers discovered traces of water on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the biggest and most spherical asteroid in our solar system.

The water was detected in the form of water vapor columns ejected into space possibly from volcanic geysers.

It is the first unambiguous detection of water on Ceres and, more generally, on a large asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The discovery also raises the question whether the Ceres could one day be home to microbial life, although it is still too early to make assessments. Continue reading

Top 5 Scientific Discoveries of 2013 According to National Geographic

scientific discoveries 2013Science in 2013 played a more important role than ever. At the same time, many intriguing discoveries were made. Here is a list of five major scientific discoveries according to the magazine National Geographic.

1. Space has become more ‘crowded’

In 2013 researchers from California Institute of Technology suggested that there are no less than 100 billion exoplanets in the orbits the Milky Way’s stars.

Obviously, not all of them are suitable for living. The November report from NASA Keck Observatory suggests that one out of five stars may have Earth-like planets in their habitable zone. More recent climate studies of habitable zones claim that this probability may be too high although there are still a very large number of potentially habitable planets. Continue reading

«Hubble» Found Water on Five Extrasolar Planets

exoplanets waterTwo groups of scientists led by Avi Mandell of NASA ‘s Goddard Center and Drake Deming of the University of Maryland, using the space telescope “Hubble”, detected water in the atmospheres of five exoplanets, specifically WASP-17b, WASP-12b, WASP- 19b, HD209458b and XO-1b, which are classified as “hot Jupiters” and are rotating in close proximity to their stars.

The existence of water vapor was confirmed by infrared wide-angle camera shots of «Hubble» WFC3. When a planet is in the field of view of «Hubble» Continue reading

‘Comet of the Century’ Survived But Lost Most of Its Mass

comet ison survivedScientists are surprised, referring to a shine coming from a small part of the “Comet of the Century”, which, however, seems to be heading towards disintegration.

The ISON seems to be “injured” but “alive” after the “hot embrace” with the center of our solar system.

According to the latest data available to scientists, the ISON may have lost about 3 million tonnes and is heading towards disintegration, but so far, a small part of it continues its journey into space.

What previously caused the assertion that ISON is “dead” was the fact that initially telescopes recorded Continue reading

«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun

comet ison debrisInitial observations indicate that the ISON dissolved as passed at a short distance from the Sun.

According to the latest observations, the “comet of the century” does not seem to have survived the most critical night of its life.

The first data from space telescopes show that the comet ISON probably dissolved on Thursday night as it passed at a short distance from the Sun. Continue reading

People Will Fly to Mars in Just 4 Years!

mars colony

Space continues to beckon U.S. billionaire Dennis Tito. He was there in 2001 as the world’s first space tourist, having spent a fortune to buy a ticket to the International Space Station. Now he is planning a further expedition – to Mars. However, this time the billionaire will not fly to space himself: two volunteers – a man and a woman – are invited for this mission. For this purpose, Tito established a fund Inspiration Mars and called the project Mission for America. Continue reading