In 2015 Everyone Will Get Free Internet Access!

free global internetA team of IT-specialists from Media Development Investment Fund has developed a project of a new network access to the Internet, which will be completely free of charge and will cover the entire planet.

The product called Outernet provides placing miniature devices CubeSats on the orbit of the Earth, which will be capable of receiving data from ground stations and transferring them to the users. Outernet is something like a huge Wi-Fi-router, covering all continents. Continue reading

Quantum Teleportation of Information Opens the Way for Quantum Internet!

quantum internetFor the first time an international team of physicists succeeded to teleport information in a solid-state quantum memory, which is a prerequisite for future quantum internet.

In quantum teleportation no mass is transferred, but only the information that describes the state of the quantum system that transmits the signal. The other quantum system receives all the properties of the transmitted quantum state and creates an exact copy.

This kind of technology is behind a new generation of computer systems, including quantum Internet, which among other things promises to exchange information between computers Continue reading

Best Ways to Use Technology for Learning

online learningRecently, technology changed our everyday life. Almost each human habitant of the word can’t leave without modern gadgets. By using gadgets – people communicate and keep in touch with their friends and relatives, they run business and learn.

With Internet and IT technologies learning process becomes easier and more fascinating. Among different kinds of learning process it is worth mentioning how the IT technologies affected the process of writing assignments.

Of course, one of the most visible pro of the IT technologies is online libraries. From now on, students don’t have to Continue reading

How You Are Being Spied on and Manipulated on the Internet

internet surveillanceInternet. Maybe not every person can give a precise definition of this word, but it is safe to say that even small kids know about the existence of “magic something” where you can find a lot of things to learn.

There is the exact time of birth of the Internet – October 29, 1969, when for the first time a connection was established between the remote nodes in the network ARPANET. For decades after that, programs, systems and network protocols have been developed, till the concept of the World Wide Web was born in 1989. It is worth noting that the root cause of the creation of a global system of integrated global computer networks was strategic. Since there was an arms race between the USSR and the USA, America needed Continue reading

10 Most Expected Science and Technology Advances in 2014

science technology 2014New Scientist magazine published a series of articles about the 10 major events that are likely to happen in the field of science and technology in the coming year.

Space is getting closer

In 2014, two spacecraft that will help people finally reach Mars will be tested. In September, NASA will launch spacecraft Orion, designed for deep space missions, in a 4-hour flight around the Earth.

Also next year the first launch of the rocket Falcon Heavy, developed by a private company SpaceX, will take place. It is able to Continue reading

A Futuristic Gaze Into the Next Generation’s Influence on Teaching and Learning

future education childrenGeneration Z kids are presently in class right now, and they’ll be altering the method in which folks envision learning. These youngsters have hypertext psyches with identical intellectual designs that shift every which way, not the step by step mindsets that humans have become used to.

Studies demonstrate that nine out of ten young people, aged eleven-to-fourteen years old, already possess smart phones, and ninety percent of them  enjoy computer games on the web. Over half of these youths produce media online, and ninety percent of boys and girls, today, can Continue reading

Televisions Are Getting Dangerously Smart: How Your TV Is Spying on You

television big brotherWith access to the Internet, TV automatically acquires several not-so-pleasant side effects of conventional computer and online activity. Thus the new ‘smart’ TVs record the preferences of their owners and the data is sent to the marketing industry, which ensures that each device is sending personalized advertising messages. That is, the advertisements match the commercial and consumer profile of the owner of the television, which is made by companies based on television preferences and not only…

Big Brother TV

A few days ago Jason Hadley, a British consultant on information technology and computers, became one of the first named victims of this development. Hadley was surprised when at a certain moment he realized Continue reading

Robots Will Take Our Jobs Within the Next Five Years?

robot office workerRobots will have captured our offices before the end of the decade, claims a British expert in artificial intelligence who provides that by 2018 robots will take professions that now are thought to be purely “human”. If to believe the forecasts, office workers, secretaries, salespeople, insurers and administrators should start looking for another workpiece.

Faster progress

The predictions of the bleak future for human occupation are made by Andrew Anderson, CEO of artificial intelligence company Celaton, in an interview in the British newspaper «Daily Mail». As the British expert said, the company undertook an assessment of all of the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence of recent years. The conclusion is that the replacement of humans by machines in the workplace will come sooner than you thought: in fact it is Continue reading

Internet Takes Away Our Real Life, Claims New Study

gaming real lifeThe social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook may have revolutionized the way we communicate, but have also messed up our real life, new study claims.

As revealed by the study of the Technology Policy Institute in Washington, with every hour spent in Internet surfing, a user “loses” about 16 minutes from work.

The navigation in the “ocean” of websites seemed to also affect sleep and social life of users, since with each hour in the online world the user lacks seven precious minutes of sleep and 17 minutes of going out in the outside world, which corresponds to approximately 18 whole days away from friends and families a year. Continue reading

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape

brain in shapeHow to make your brain work more productively? Here are 10 popular ways to keep your brain sharp.

1. Physical activity

Physical exercise does not only keep muscles in tone, but also has a positive impact on the overall health of the brain, because intense movements improve the blood supply to the muscles and brain. Exercises when the head is below the heart are particularly effective (such as yoga postures).

2. Drinking water instead of coffee

Many studies show that a morning cup of coffee does not stimulate brain activity but on the contrary, makes people dumber! But if you replace it with a glass of water, the feeling of cheerfulness will be much longer. Drinking water on an empty stomach activates the entire gastrointestinal tract, and, in contrast to the hot, strong coffee, it doesn’t irritate mucous membranes, which in turn gives a sense of cheerfulness. Continue reading