10 Clever Riddles to Warm Up Your Brain

1. The Horse Riddle

British scientists have found that during an average day, a horse had one pair of legs travel a total of 18 miles, while the other pair covered 19 miles. Are they really out of their minds, or can this really be true?

horse riddle

2. A Little Boy and a Tree

A little boy 100 centimeters tall put a nail into a tree as a mark for his own height. Three years later, he returned to the tree and put another nail at the point of his height. During this time, the boy has grown 20 centimeters taller, and the tree has grown 40 centimeters taller. What is the distance between the nails? Continue reading

How Solving Puzzle Games Can Help You Develop

children puzzlesChess, sudoku, strategic computer games, social puzzle games – how can they contribute to our well-being? You must know that puzzle games haven’t been created just for fun. They are focused on abilities which all human beings possess, but not everyone takes advantage of them. Here you will find some useful tips not only for studying better, but also for enhancing your skills in general.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

As scientists say, there are various types of intelligence. Some people are better at writing (verbal intelligence), others are perfect drivers (spatial intelligence). There are also people who deal very well with logical inferences, mathematical problems, etc. They could formulate their thoughts very precisely, by using symbols; they are also specialists at detecting and solving problems (e.g. how to use given construction materials to build a house). Continue reading

4 Interesting Riddles for Advanced Solvers

puzzlesRiddle 1: Shopping (**)

A married couple returns from shopping at the supermarket laden with bags. The man begins complaining to his wife that the bags are very heavy. “Why are you complaining?” She says. “If you give me one of your bags, I would have twice as many as you do, and if I give you one of mine, we would have the same number of bags.” Continue reading

Five Amazing Logic Puzzles

logic puzzlesHere are 5 logic puzzles of different levels of difficulty: from the easiest to the most difficult one. Will you manage to solve them?

The lady or the tiger? (*)

A king put a prisoner in front of two doors. Door No. 1 wrote: “There is a lady in this room and a tiger in the other one.” Door No. 2 wrote: “In one of the two rooms there is a tiger and in the other one there is a lady.” The king said to the prisoner that one of the two labels wrote the truth and the other one wrote lies. If the prisoner opened the room with the lady he would marry her and if he opened the room with the tiger he would be eaten.

Which door should the prisoner open? Continue reading

3 Mind-Blowing Lateral Thinking Puzzles

lateral thinking puzzlesHave you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking tests. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! Think up your own answers first.


Test 1

Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she saw an unknown young man. He was charming, really the man of her dreams. She madly fell in love with him. After a couple of days the young girl Continue reading

5 Clever Riddles: Can You Find the Answer?

clever riddlesRead these 5 clever riddles and try to solve them. They are not very difficult, so I believe you will easily find the answers!

Riddle 1. “Smart measure”

Someone has a flask of wine and wants to give 1 liter to his friend. How can he measure it without wasting any wine, if he has only a 5 liter container and a 3 liter one?

Riddle 2. “The Empty Room”

A hanged man was found in an empty room with very high ceiling. The room had high humidity and was locked from inside. The question is: how did he manage to hang himself since the room was completely empty, the ceiling was very tall and there was no window? Continue reading

5 amazing observation puzzles

puzzlesBelow you can find 5 observation puzzles, which means that the answers may be more obvious than you think. The stars (*) indicate the difficulty of each puzzle. If you manage to find the answers, write them in comments at the bottom of the page! Good luck!

Puzzle 1 “Names” (*)

Anna’s mother has three other sons. Since she is passionate about the money, she has christened her eldest son “Pound”, the middle one – “Franc” and the minor one – “Dollar”.

How has she christened her daughter? Continue reading

8 curious puzzles for advanced solvers


Are you good at solving riddles and puzzles? Try these eight short puzzles and riddles which require some thought but certainly will make you pass the time pleasantly.

1. Mary arrives at her new job, in a 60-storey building. While she is waiting for the elevator to go to her office, she sees that it is broken. Of course, she doesn’t want to climb up 60 floors on foot. Nevertheless, she must reach the office. What does she do?