Spiritual Phenomena Exist in Other Dimensions, Says British Scientist

spiritual phenomena other dimensionsProfessor of astronomy and mathematics Bernard Carr believes that many of the phenomena that can be observed but cannot be explained using the terms of the physical laws of our dimension, in fact, occur in other dimensions.

Albert Einstein claimed that there are at least four dimensions, and the 4th one is time or space-time, as he argued that space and time cannot be devided. In modern physics, there are many supporters of the theories about the existence of 11 or more dimensions.

Carr says that our consciousness interacts with other dimensions. In addition, multidimensional universe, as he imagines it, has a hierarchical structure. And we are in

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Could the Discovery of Gravitational Waves Prove the Existence of Parallel Worlds?

gravitational waves parallel worldsAstronomers have discovered traces of gravitational waves in the relict radiation, confirming the inflationary model of the universe. As stated by leading scientists around the world, this long-awaited finding will soon be nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The announcement of the discovery about of new evidence supporting the inflationary model of the universe caused an unprecedented excitement in the scientific world.

The central idea of this model states that our universe is only one “unit” in an infinite and ever-expanding set of unrelated parallel universes which form the so-called multiverse. Continue reading

Albert Einstein’s Lost Theory about the Origins of the Universe Is Found

einstein origins of the universeIn a manuscript of Albert Einstein dated back to 1931, which had been neglected by researchers of his work, is found an alternative proposal for the creation of the Universe.

The renowned scientist suggested that instead of the Big Bang, the Universe was expanding continuously and eternally, a theory supported by the British physicist Fred Hoyle two decades later.

The Big Bang theory began to flourish when the American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered in the 1920s that the universe Continue reading

Unrevealed Secrets and Mind-Blowing Inventions of Nikola Tesla

nikola teslaUntil the early twentieth century, electricity in the eyes of the inhabitants remained a product of scientific curiosity just like the Large Hadron Collider now – nothing more than a toy to entertain a handful of physicists.

Nikola Tesla was probably the most prominent of those scientists and inventors who with his pioneering work made electricity inseparable part of our lives.

During his long career Tesla received over 111 U.S. patents and approximately 300 in other countries.

Trying to improve the Edison light bulbs, the great Serb developed neon and even fluorescent light bulbs and switched them on from the distance via electrostatic waves.

The invention of radio controlled cars put him among the pioneers of robotics. According to some reports, he even managed to get the first x-rays in 1896, almost simultaneously with Conrad Roentgen.

Death rays

At the threshold of World War II, Nikola Tesla suddenly announced Continue reading

What Would Happen If a Black Hole Passed Near Our Solar System?

black hole solar systemBlack holes are one of the most frightening phenomena that exist in space. Their gravitational force is so strong that they distort space and time beyond possible limits.

Therefore it begs a question what could happen if such a monster suddenly appeared or traveled to the vicinity of our solar system?

Before answering this question, let us first clarify some other questions. At what distance would it appear? Where would it come from? How massive would such a black hole be? Continue reading

Japanese Scientists Prove That Teleportation Is Possible

quantum teleportation experimentThe future is already here: for the first time in the world, a team of Japanese scientists managed to implement teleportation! A beam of light was instantly moved from point A to point B.

For the purpose of the experiment, Noriyuki Lee and his colleagues converted light into elementary particles – photons. They kept only one photon that carried the information about the rest beam. This photon was entangled at the quantum level with another photon, which was located at point B. It turned out that these two photons instantaneously affected each other, being physically located in different places. Thanks to this phenomenon, the original beam was at the same moment recreated elsewhere using the information carried by the photon. Continue reading

Albert Einstein: Secrets of the Genius Brain Come to Light

einstein genius brainThe name of Albert Einstein is closely connected with both the mathematics and the physics. He is characterized as a man with a bright mind who was much ahead of the time he lived. His brain is a mystery to this day and beyond its distinctive features other secrets concerning both thinking and knowledge of the great scientist gradually come to light.

Let us examine in detail the evidence that have come to light according to the latest study in China stating that the two hemispheres of the Einstein’s brain were better connected with each other than those of the average man. Continue reading

Teleportation as a Way of Traveling to Parallel Worlds?

parallel worldsStories about mysterious travels to parallel worlds are not uncommon. However, these reports often make us think whether these “journeys” to another world have some substance.

It is interesting that for a long time, the scientists have been developing a theory of teleportation, the phenomenon when an object is moved from one place to another in the shortest amount of time. And in 2011, this mysterious phenomenon started manifesting itself again.

In the beginning of 2011, a French scientist Luc Montagnier, who received the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine, has shocked the scientific world. He managed to beam a DNA sample from one test tube to another. Two separate test tubes were placed next to each other. One had pure water, and the other contained a DNA molecule. The test tube containing the DNA molecule was irradiated. Incredibly, after less than a day, the DNA was found in the test tube with water! Montagnier is convinced that this is only a first step in developing the theory of teleportation. Continue reading

Do Einstein’s laws of physics prove the existence of ghosts?

ghostDespite the efforts of ghost-hunters around the world and their continuing investigations into abandoned houses, factories, old buildings, cemeteries, etc., which are most often accompanied by proper equipment, we still are not able to say with certainty if there are ghosts.

However, according to many ghost hunters, there are allegations of the existence of ghosts in modern physics and particularly in Einstein, who offered a scientific basis on the topic. Continue reading

8 wrong things we learnt at school

light bulbIt seems that not all things we learnt at school are correct. Here is a list that will surprise you:

1. Einstein was a bad student

Generations of children grew up with the belief that the Nobel laureate physicist was not doing well in school. In reality he was, particularly in physics and mathematics.

2. Mice like cheese

Mice like foods that are rich in sugar, such as peanut butter and cereal.

3. Napoleon was short

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