How to prepare your memory for an exam

The night before an examstudying
Make sure to have enough sleep at night before an exam. During sleep the nerve endings, activated during the day, are being rehabilitated and are getting stronger, and the accepted information is moving from the short term to the long term memory. That is why sleepless nights before an exam are useless and even harmful. Planning a brainstorming preparation, you should know that in addition to time for studying information you will need a night for its “maturation”.

Information is easier to memorize if:

  • It is interesting, controversial or unexpected;
  • Emotionallycolored;
  • Expandsalreadyexistingknowledge;
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How to read faster

readingI love reading books of different genres, from fantasy to science fiction, from psychology to computer books. So I wonder how to have time to read all the books of interest in a relatively short time? Here is a summary of some speed reading techniques. If you follow the recommendations listed below, you can increase the reading speed at least twice. For example, you will be able to read the book “The Da Vinci Code” in 8 hours!
Spend a few minutes for Continue reading

How to remember what you read

studyingIn our information-saturated century most of us need help to memorize things efficiently. But it’s hard to remember what we have learned. What can we do? Ability to appreciate and organize your study time may help to improve memory skills. Here are some tips.

Self-discipline is necessary to study effectively. Books, writing materials and paper should be organized. Try to study in a pleasant atmosphere, without any interference, and make sure you have enough light. Turn off the radio and television.

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