Giant ‘Black Holes’ Discovered in Earth’s Oceans [Video]

black hole oceanLarge vortices formed in the oceans are mathematically equivalent to black holes, argue researchers in Switzerland and the USA. Hitherto unseen, these formations seem to transfer water over long distances and might affect the global climate.

The existence of these giant vortices, which can reach a diameter of 150 km, was known from previous observations. Their role in ocean circulation was difficult to study, as the limits of these rotating water formations were almost impossible to identify. Continue reading

How Could Life Emerge in Extreme Environment of the Young Earth?

origin life earthOne of the most popular theories in science today argues that life arrived on Earth from outer space, i.e. from bacteria which were brought to our planet by a meteor. However, another point of view, which seems indeed to have potentially broader support, insists that it is very likely that the earthly life was born right here, in extreme environment of the young Earth, like the one we can find today in the hydrothermal resources in the ocean floor. A team of researchers from both sides of the Atlantic has launched an experiment to “test out” this probability by creating Continue reading

Planet X Doesn’t Exist, Confirms New Study

planet x evidenceTheories about an unknown planet hidden on the outskirts of the Solar System seem to be definitively disproved by NASA’s research. The case of the so-called “Planet X” dates back to the early 20th century, when the American astronomer Percival Lowell proposed the existence of such a body in order to explain some inexplicable features of the orbit of Uranus.

When Pluto was discovered in 1930, many astronomers rushed to celebrate the discovery of the infamous Planet X. But celebrations were premature, since it was finally found that Continue reading

Scientists Propose to Use Earth’s Heat As a Source of Renewable Energy

earth heat energyScientists have developed a technique that enables to generate electricity from the heat that Earth releases into the atmosphere.

American engineers believe that the thermal energy of the Earth, which is released into the environment, can be used as a renewable energy source for electricity production in some areas of the planet.

The new technique, developed by Federico Capasso and his colleagues at Harvard University (USA), allows to produce electricity from the heat radiated by Earth into the environment. The experts came up with this idea when they discovered that the planet is “heating” space with a capacity of 100 million gigawatts.

At present there are no technologies to extract electricity from the heat of the Earth. The authors of this study created a special scheme of “thermal batteries”, focusing on the data on heat flux emanating from the Earth. These data were collected by specialists in the town of Lamont (Oklahoma).

This device includes a set of special Continue reading

‘Comet of the Century’ Promises Once-in-a-Life Spectacle

comet of the centuryThe comet Ison, dubbed by the astronomers the “Comet of the Century”, will be observable in the northern hemisphere as it is getting closer to the Sun and promises a ‘once in a lifetime’ spectacle for skywatchers.

The comet Ison weighs more than 3 billion pounds and is directed towards the Sun at a speed of 377 kilometers per second. It is visible to the naked eye since the middle of November, and its sight will become more and more impressive as it is approaching the center of our solar system. Continue reading

4 Most Controversial Projects of Modern Science

It is believed that one day the development of technology will be the cause of death of humanity. And judging by the research projects of the last decade, it may happen sooner than we think, since the modern scientists in their quest to streamline and improve everything sometimes go too far. Here are several controversial scientific developments, which in the future can be dangerous for mankind.

spanish flu virus1. Reanimated deadly virus

In 1918, the “Spanish flu” cost an estimated 50 million lives before the human immunity learned to cope with this terrible disease. In October of 2005, the staff of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed the virus genome from the lung tissue of victims buried in the permafrost in Alaska and took it to one of the laboratories.

The researchers believe that the study of the Spanish flu will help them understand what may be dangerous for human avian influenza virus H5N1 and the way it can be transmitted to humans. According to Erling Myhre, a specialist in infectious diseases, the reanimation of the “Spanish flu” is perfectly safe – just one year after removal of the virus the researchers presented a vaccine against it.

However, not all scientists share the optimism of Myhre; for example, Jens Kuhn, a virologist at Harvard University, believes that there may be a Continue reading

Sun Will Reverse Its Polarity Within the Next Three Weeks

sun polarity reverseAstronomers announced when exactly the magnetic field of the star will change to the opposite polarity, and what troubles it can cause to the inhabitants of the earth.

NASA astronomers have learned when the Sun’s magnetic field will change its polarity. According to the calculations, it will happen in only three weeks, writes the “Metro”.

However, it is not a cause to wait for the apocalypse: such poles changes occur on the Sun every 11 years.

It is not a disaster, but a large-scale phenomenon with real consequences. But it’s not something to worry about,” explained Todd Hoeksema, expert in solar physics of the Stanford University. “First, the solar magnetic field weakens till it is reduced to zero, and then it reappears again, but with reversed polarity – these processes are Continue reading

Life Conditions on Earth Will Soon Get Worse, Say Experts

earth living conditionsAs a result of the serious global climate changes, the conditions of life on Earth will become much poorer in the coming decades.

American journalists gained access to the draft of the annual report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which reported that:

In the XXI century, adverse changes in climate associated with the process of global warming may become the cause of the economic decline and decrease of the population with low income. At some time of the year, in certain regions of the planet, Continue reading

Scientists Claim to Have Found Proof of Extraterrestrial Life

Scientists at the University of Sheffield claim to have made a fascinating discovery, which proves the existence of extraterrestrial life.

alien life proofThese are images of a body that was found in the stratosphere, recorded with an electron microscope. The body was found by a scientific balloon at an altitude of 27 kilometers from the Earth’s surface and this, according to the scientists, proves that it cannot have originated from our planet. These microbes have probably come from somewhere else…

“Most would suggest that these particles simply have drifted to the stratosphere from Earth. Yet, it is commonly accepted that an organism of this size is impossible to reach an altitude of 27 km. The only exception is a violent volcanic eruption, but nothing like that was recorded during the three years of our research,” said Milton Wainwright, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University. Continue reading

Asteroid Impact Could Have Given Rise to Civilization 13,000 Years Ago

asteroid-impact-civilizationIt turns out that the collision with heavenly bodies does not always lead only to the destruction of life, but can also lead to its prosperity.

Scientists believe that the defining moment in human evolution could be an asteroid that crashed into the North America, in a place not far from Quebec, 12,900 years ago. The collision resulted in the establishment of a cooler and drier climate on the planet, which led to the birth of agriculture.

In North America, this incident led to the extinction of large animals, including giant sloths, camels, saber-toothed tigers and mastodons. This forced the Americans, who were hunters, go on a diet consisting of berries, roots, and small game.

At the same moment, in the eastern Mediterranean, Continue reading