LSD Helps Terminal Patients Cope with Depression and Fear

 lsd depressionThe psychoactive drug seems to help in combating the fear of impending death associated with a terminal illness.

An incurable disease sooner or later makes the person face the fact of premature and inevitable (and possibly quite painful) death. This serious psychological problem should be solved, but it is clear that psychological means are not enough, and some medication that would increase the effect of psychotherapy is needed. In such cases the use of psychoactive narcotic medications is often recommended, despite the fact that it is not always justified by experimental scientific research. Continue reading

10 Real Reasons That Lie Behind Your Negative Emotions

hidden emotions1. Anger

When you do not get what you want, you can unconsciously cause a sense of anger in you in order to force another person to submit to you. So, anger helps you take control of the situation. Anger helps take the upper hand in the dispute, or take revenge for your failures. Anger can also be used to protect your rights. Anger helps us give the enemy to understand that he must retreat. Anger with yourself can be a way to force yourself to do something, get down to a task. Continue reading

6 Factors That Influence Your Dreams

factors that influence dreamsWhen we sleep, external stimuli become part of our dreams. Our brain has the ability to integrate the ‘interference’ in dreams in order to make us remain in the sleep state.

Therefore, there are several factors that influence the events and sensations in our dreams. What are they?

1. Sounds

Have you ever dreamed that your alarm clock is ringing? Such dream can be caused by the sound coming from an alarm, and it shows how the sounds you hear may actually be Continue reading

10 Things in Your Everyday Life That Are Slowly Killing You

malnutrition1. Malnutrition

It has long been known that high-calorie foods and foods with small amounts of vitamins, which contains a lot of preservatives and dyes, have a detrimental effect on health and can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

2. Cigarettes, alcohol and energy drinks

Smoking will inevitably degrade the overall condition of the body, causing disease of the lungs and heart. Alcoholic beverages, regardless of the concentration of alcohol, are addictive and kill the body slowly but surely. As for the energy drinks, the producer himself says that there is nothing good about them. 1 can of energy drink is equal to 10 cups of coffee drunk in one gulp. In addition, they are addictive and the constant use of them can lead to irreversible effects on the body and the person eventually becomes sluggish and sick.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the strongest enemies of health. The body needs an average of 7 hours of healthy sleep to properly function. The constant lack of sleep can contribute to the development of diabetes or hypertension. Continue reading

15 Unbelievable Psychiatric Syndromes You Didn’t Know About

psychiatric syndromesThe nature in general and our own psyche in particular are very crafty in creating states we know little about. People constantly experience something unusual, and a lot has already been studied and named in honor of famous writers, artists, book characters, psychiatrists and other individuals. And it is not a bad idea for us, as educated people, to learn about when and what kind of trick our body will come up with next.

This article presents 18 interesting syndromes, and this information will help us in becoming more knowledgeable and understanding of the way in which the human body functions.

1. Stendhal Syndrome

The Stendhal Syndrome involves dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations and sometimes hallucinations when an individual is surrounded by Continue reading

What Happens to Our Brain When We Break Up?

breakupAn unwanted and unexpected separation may entail significant psychological stress. Often people parallel this feeling with a fist in the stomach, or a stab in the heart. Despite the efforts, the help and support of their friendly circle, this feeling proves to be very difficult to fade away, at least in the first few months. In an attempt to understand the subjectivity and universality of the pain of separation, psychologists have focused their research on studying the brain.

Edward Smith and his colleagues, having collected a sample of people who had just experienced an unwanted and painful breakup, investigated their brain activity using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) while they were looking at photos of former partners and thinking of the moments they spent together. Afterwards, their brain activity was examined while researchers were inflicting pain in their arm, and when looking at pictures of their friends. Continue reading

Hypnosis: A Great Healing Instrument

hypnosis healingHypnosis is a great healing instrument used by psychologists. Also hypnosis can be used in general medicine too, for instance, for calming the physical pain.

What is hypnosis? It is a form of therapy in which the therapist sends affirmations or suggestions to the client who is in a deep relaxation state.

If we want to truly believe some affirmations we must focus on them when we are totally relaxed, and no one or nothing else can disturb us. Also, if we really want to achieve something we must be able to visualize ourselves succeeding, when we are totally relaxed and nothing is disturbing us. These two are the premises of hypnosis.

So WHAT does hypnosis do? Its goal is to cure. What? Anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, pain, addiction and so on. Continue reading

Angry All the Time? Try These Efficient Anger Management Solutions

anger managementMany people struggle with anger issues. There can be a lot of answers to the question: “why do we get angry?”, but the most accurate answer will be: because of the negative thoughts.

Negative thinking can lead to three major psychological problems: depression, anxiety and anger. We are usually angry when we are frustrated, or when we want to have control over the others and we realize that we actually do not have it.

If you want to manage your anger there are two things you can do: Continue reading

Fast food is proven to cause depression

fast food depressionDelicious dishes that are part of the menu of fast food outlets do not only “burden” our silhouette with extra pounds, but according to a Spanish study, affect our mental health.

As researchers from the University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands explained in a publication in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, people who often eat fast food have more increased risk of developing depression than those who follow a healthier nutritional pattern. Continue reading