Learn while you Earn with the Popular Online Degree Programs

learn earnEarning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job. 

The new generation is increasingly turning interest to the emerging concept of earn and learn. The reason can vary from being independent, pay own tuition fees, develop job skills, or gain work experience. The increasing desire to learn while you earn has resulted in an upsurge for the demand for online degree courses, which provide the young students with an opportunity to continue their learning along with earning options. Continue reading

Robots Will Take Our Jobs Within the Next Five Years?

robot office workerRobots will have captured our offices before the end of the decade, claims a British expert in artificial intelligence who provides that by 2018 robots will take professions that now are thought to be purely “human”. If to believe the forecasts, office workers, secretaries, salespeople, insurers and administrators should start looking for another workpiece.

Faster progress

The predictions of the bleak future for human occupation are made by Andrew Anderson, CEO of artificial intelligence company Celaton, in an interview in the British newspaper «Daily Mail». As the British expert said, the company undertook an assessment of all of the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence of recent years. The conclusion is that the replacement of humans by machines in the workplace will come sooner than you thought: in fact it is Continue reading

4 Doors: Personality Test That Will Surprise You!

psychological test 4 doorsAnswer the question and follow the instructions. Mark answers in a piece of paper and then see the interpretation. You will be impressed with the results!


You enter a room and see 4 doors around you: a white, a black, a blue and a pink.

In what order will you open the doors and what will you see behind them?

You have the right not to open all the doors if you do not want. Give your answer before you see the analysis and interpretation… Continue reading

8 Common Tricks Your Mind Plays on You

mind trapsCheck out this list of deceptions our own minds play on us.

1. I would have been happier if I worked less.

Our minds often tend to come up with this argument, when we think that we would be happier if we did not have to work. We imagine in our heads a life full of pleasures and start falsely assuming that this would make us happier. However, the reality is that idleness is often the main cause of boredom and depression. We are hardworking and creative by nature. We have to solve problems and improve ourselves in order to be happy. Get up and put your heart and soul into something meaningful to you and you will see Continue reading

How to Find Your Way through Career Change

career changeOften, individuals find themselves in a complicated situation about their career. It is normal to feel disoriented and dreadful working with the same career field, and seek career change. While the prospect seems alluring, keep in mind that the grass looks greener on the other side always. It is not easy to undo your education and re-educate yourself with a new professional field. There are a lot of things you need to consider to find your way through a career change.

1. Do you really need career change?

Ask yourself – do you want to change the career or are you dissatisfied with the present work portfolio in the company? If it’s the second option, you still love your work and it will be good to switch to another company for better job and growth prospects than feel stagnant and disdainful in the present one. Continue reading

5 Step Path to Preparing for an Interview

job interview preparationPreparing in the right way for an important interview means covering a few key areas – what are some of the main things that you should be focusing on, from researching a post, through to preparing a portfolio, and ensuring that you are psychologically ready on the day of the interview? It’s also important to be able to anticipate questions before an interview, and to be able to prepare for rejection, while still being able to learn from problems and build on them for your next interview.

1. Researching the Post

You’ve received an invitation for an interview, and now have to wait for the date – during this time, you should go back over a job application pack to check all the specifications for the post that you’ve been given; read through your CV and covering letter to check that you’re able to elaborate on points, and read up on a job online. You can gain a broader understanding of what a business or institution does, and can be prepared to discuss topics and issues around a job or industry. Continue reading

What Students Ought to Know About Studying in the UK

Studying in the UKWhen a student prepares himself for an education abroad, the choices are pretty much obvious; it is either the US or the UK. However, if the number of students applying for admission to the UK is compared with the numbers trying for the US then a stark difference is obvious. This is primarily because of the aggressive campaigns laid out by various privately funded US universities to get foreign students. Unfortunately, the majority of information on admission procedures to the UK comes from the British Council and the education consultants that each UK university ties up with in the host country.

Instead of focusing on the procedure here, we shall counter a few misconceptions about the UK admissions with that of the US and hopefully provide sufficient insight to students across the globe on how to get into UK universities. Continue reading

10 Lessons of Life from Bill Gates

bill gates lessonsBill Gates, speaking to high school students, named the 11 rules that teenagers, according to him, would never learn in school:

1. The world does not really care about your self-esteem and self-awareness. The world expects achievements from you without taking into account your self-esteem.

2. Frying burgers at McDonald’s is not a work below your dignity. Be sure that your great-grandparents would consider any work like this a “good opportunity”.

3. It is not very likely that you will be paid 50,000$ a year right after high school. Moreover, you are not going to become a vice president with your own limousine and personal driver, until you deserve it.

4. Your parents were not as uninteresting and boring people as they seem to you now, before Continue reading

How You Can Become Wealthy Just by Thinking like a Wealthy?

Wealthy ThinkingIt is fact that to be successful in life, there should be some vision, mission, and defined goals to achieve your targets. In this post, we will discuss visions, views, activities, philosophies, living styles, and other relevant content about the people, who are successful today. Moreover, you will get to know about the tricks you can adopt in order to become like them.

Middle class emphasize on money saving, but world class on earning:

Most of rich men try their level best to earn a lot and they earn while focusing long-term goals. Their main objective is to prosper in future. However, contrary to them, middle class people always try to save their earned money by keeping a constant eye on their expenses. This is what you have to avoid in order to become a wealthy person. Continue reading

Sleep on it: Why regular rest makes for a more productive lifestyle

sleep lifestyleWhen a boss catches an employee napping at work, are they likely to be fired or will the employer realise that taking a nap doesn’t always need to be seen negatively; the employee may simply have been recharging their batteries? No prizes for choosing the right answer there.

Unfortunately, taking a nap, or stealing forty winks during the day is usually regarded with negative connotations. In a busy office, naps are seen to be taken by lazy individuals and people lacking ambition. Napping is perceived as the private reserve of older people, but how many folks know that Winston Churchill always demanded a mid afternoon nap? He’s in good company too, being joined by regular napping experts Thomas Edison, John F Kennedy, John D Rockefeller and Napoleon. If it’s good enough for them, might it be right for everyone? Continue reading