What Is Intuition and How to Learn to Hear Its Voice?

intuitionWe all have felt at least once in our lives that there is an inner wisdom in us that directs us to better choices, but at the same time an inner impulse that often leads us astray. This inner wisdom is called intuition and its role is to warn us of impending danger and help us make reasonable decisions. It is something that pushes us to perceive truths and lies and protects us from all sorts of pitfalls, acting as a navigator (some argue that it is the voice of our guardian angel). But we do not always trust it. Maybe because it often does not coincide with common sense. But it is our mistake: Intuition is a personalized, valuable tool, only if Continue reading

Exploring the Mystery of Intuition

intuitionIntuition is full of temptations. How can we keep from trying to explain something that came out of nowhere to solve a problem as something that was “sent down from above”?

Intuition is often referred to as “readily available knowledge“, which has the property to “suddenly” appear in the head of an individual. But we often fail to take into account the fact that we have long been preoccupied with solving this problem.

How it works

Intuition is viewed as a method to attain philosophical knowledge, ability to perceive information, the method of decision-making in critical situations, and ability to successfully deal with the situation during uncertainty, and also as an instinct. With such an extensive activity context, it is necessary to clarify that “intuition” is primarily a cognitive process. However, it does not work the way we are accustomed to think: when thinking process leads to intuitive response. This process follows “different rules”: Continue reading

3 Strategies for Better Understanding of People’s Behavior

understand people's behaviorThe need to learn to understand people most often occurs when a person was mistaken about the others more than once. Since we are all more or less dependent on the people around us, understanding others’ behavior is one of the key life skills. How to develop it?

What is worth reading

Since the topic of today’s article is very general, I want to give some references to the theoretical material that will be useful.

First, be sure to read books on the topics like Continue reading

5 Simple Tips to Improve Yourself and Your Life

self improvement tips1. Spend your leisure time only with people you like

Recreation is fun and brings a true pleasure only when you are with people who truly love and respect you and are always ready to help in difficult times. Only a pleasant environment will bring you back to life so that you can get a taste of each new day. Surround yourself only with people with whom you can always be yourself. This is the first step in creating a new page in your life.

2. Do not be afraid of facing problems

As you know, not only the problems matter but also the reaction to them. In our world, the problems will always arise (no one lives a perfect life), so you have to learn to deal with any situation with dignity. Always remember that every life situation has (at least) two ways out. Look for alternatives, be able to analyze and make quick but effective solutions. And most importantly – remind yourself more often that you are Continue reading

Myths and Truths about Brain Hemispheres and Their Functions

brain hemispheresOver the last decade great attention to the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and its effects on the process of learning was paid. This interest has to do with the fact that traditional teaching models are based on the functioning of the left hemisphere i.e. the development of language and logic, without taking into account the characteristics of the right hemisphere, such as intuition, spontaneity, and imagination.

Although the famous French mathematician Poincare argued that “the logic proves but the intuition creates” and although the Hungarian scientist Michael Polanyi talked about mental beauty and passion in the process of knowledge discovery, only recently science began to recognize the role of Continue reading

Anatomy of the ‘Sixth Sense’: How to Avoid Titanic-like Disaster

intuitionBack in the XX century, the researchers noticed a strange pattern: the most frequently occurring disasters and accidents with the planes and trains take place when they are filled with passengers half of their capacity, while the safe trips are sent en route with at least 76% of the passengers present.

This mysterious finding can be explained only by the existence of intuition. Life expectancy and its quality directly correlate with the “sixth” sense. But why isn’t this gift uniformly distributed among people?

Intuition of destiny

Intuitive knowledge can actively influence a person’s life: on many occasions, the intuition saved someone’s life (in fact, there was someone who had not booked tickets to the advertised as “absolutely safe” “Titanic” vessel). There are many examples when intuition helped people to get wealthier. An experienced entrepreneur sometimes will get a gut feeling to discern a hidden catch in the behavior of potential partners. Continue reading

Male Brain vs. Female Brain: 20 Differences

male brain vs female brain1. Men and women use different parts of the brain to handle the same task.

2. A woman’s brain is 10% smaller than a man’s. However, it does not affect the level of intelligence.

3. With age, the male brain shrinks faster than the female.

4. Women are more capable of managing several information flows simultaneously, while men get irritated when they have to do several things at the same time. But…

5. Men faster absorb information, so they are more responsive. Continue reading

Being Left-Handed: origins and consequences

left handedThey are forced to live in a world shaped for those who follow the traditional saying “things go right”. Therefore, everyday they do everything in reverse! So let’s try to answer the question: why are some people born left-handed and how do they differ from the others?

Once stigmatized and socially excluded

The issue of left-handers remains a mystery to science. For many years they were considered abnormal by an ignorant, full of prejudices society and were forced to write with their right hand by parents and teachers. Continue reading

Top 10 Things We Believe in Without Proof

unproven things we believeEmpirical evidence gives us a choice of what to believe, but even when we do not have solid evidence to support the existence of something, we tend to “expand” our faith in certain things. Below you will find Top 10 things we believe in despite the lack of verifiable evidence of their existence.

1. Cryptids

Cryptids are creatures whose existence has not been proven by science, such as Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot. There are uncountable amateur photos and eyewitness observations that make us believe in the existence of these creatures, even if their presence on Earth is not officially recognized. Until any cryptid is captured, they will remain mystical creatures without evidence of their existence. Continue reading

Can our body perceive the future?

presentimentIt is known that the subconscious part of the mind knows much more than the conscious one. Meta-analysis of U.S. scientists has shown that the subconscious mind switches on before our conscious awareness is activated, warning us about something that is going to happen in the very near future, without stimuli from the surrounding environment.

Researchers of Northwestern University analyzed the findings of 26 previous studies that had been held from 1978 until 2010.

What is not yet clear is whether the person has the ability to foresee future events without any indication from the environment,” explains the leading author of the study Dr. Julia Mossbridge of the Visual Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory of the university.

For example, if an office worker is playing computer games and is wearing headphones, obviously he cannot hear the director approach.

Our analysis showed that read more