Psychological Test: Do You See the Glass Half-empty or Half-full?

glass half empty half fullOptimism and pessimism are a window through which we see the world. The attitude we adopt towards people, events and situations affects our goals, behavior and progress in every aspect of our lives.

Do you tend to see the glass half empty or half full? To find it out, read these statements and imagine that you are experiencing the described situation. How would you react?

Some answers may not match perfectly with what you think, but choose the answer that is closer to your way of thinking. Continue reading

How to Unleash the Healing Power of Your Mind

healing mindI recently read a very interesting book by Lissa Rankin, M.D. The book was entitled “Mind Over Medicine”, and it really got me thinking about my own life, as well as my own strengths and abilities, at least in regard to my health.  The basis of the book, which was written by a medical doctor who became frustrated with modern medicine, focuses on the amazing and powerful abilities we all hold within ourselves to heal.  Don’t get me wrong; Dr. Rankin believes modern medicine most certainly has its place in the world.  However, she advocates that we also have the ability within ourselves to heal and change certain circumstances.

Have you ever believed something so strongly that it felt true?  Have you ever been convinced of an outcome ever before you engaged in an activity, and then you found Continue reading

Practical Tips on How to Find Your Purpose in Life

finding your life purposeIt’s the age-old question asked by people in different parts of the world – “What is my purpose in life?” In other words, “What am I here to accomplish?Figuring out your place in the world can be a difficult feat, especially since nowadays, people expect you to have it all figured out at an early age. For a few lucky people, the calling does come early, and they spend their days living out their dream. But what about the rest of us?

For those of us who found our purpose later in life (or for those who are still searching), all is not lost. First, figure out why you are searching for your life purpose. Is it because of a deep interest in what you were meant to do in life, or because someone Continue reading

How to Find the Key to Your Own Happiness

bright smile

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be” 

Abraham Lincoln

Books have been written, films have been filmed and lives have been lived all in search for the subtle “happiness”. Actually there is a connection between our happiness and our general well-being, which was proven scientifically. Since we are creatures of survival, it feels comfortable to search for the things that make us feel good and at the same time have a positive effect on our overall well-being. We feel healthier, we become healthier, and we live longer. Continue reading

5 Simple Components of a Perfect Morning

good morning tipsCannot bring yourself to wake up and go to work? Each morning turns into a nightmare? Tired of looking for a suitable motivation technique for waking up and still every morning you hate the whole world? To make your morning good, these 5 simple but effective components are needed:

1. Morning warm up exercises

It is not necessary to immediately turn into a professional athlete and put a bunch of unrealistic goals such as the number of sit-ups and push-ups or a certain distance to run. Start simple: each morning in all weather and at any mood, 10 minutes after waking up out of bed Continue reading

How to Get Luck on Your Side: 4 Habits of Lucky People

lucky-people thinking

We tend to think that luck is an undefined power of kindness that comes from the universe. Sometimes it is indeed so, but many things we call “fatal” are not always associated with the fate. Instead, these things are the direct result of our actions. Even in order to win the lottery, you first need to buy a lottery ticket.

Psychological studies show that people who consider themselves lucky behave differently from those who believe they are not. Luck is a way of life, which can be changed. See how lucky people think and learn from them! Continue reading

7 Key Benefits of Positive Thinking

positive thinking benefitsPositive thinking is the background of modern phylosophy of living a successful and happy life. Being optimistic is often portrayed like a foundation of making your life full and happy. And really, these are not just words. There are several benefits in positive thinking which influence our health, confidence and relationships with other people. If you’re not one of these positive-thinkers yet, and wonder why you should try positive thinking yourself, here are some reasons for you:

1. Positive thinkers cope with stress faster and more effective.

If an unpleasant situation happens, they concentrate on solving it rather than thinking that the things are out of their control. Aclually, they are less subjected to Continue reading

8 Things That Enhance Your Brain Function

positive brain1. Specific objective

Once you articulate a specific goal or a task for yourself, wonderful things will start happening. You will be able to find resources, opportunities and time to accomplish things.

And if you outline the main goal for yourself and split your main objective into smaller tasks while slowly, steadily, step by step trying to carry them out, you will have no problems in achieving what you set your mind to.

2. Positive emotions

Emotions are short-term subjective human responses to the world around us (joy, anger, shame, etc.). Feelings can be described as consistent emotional attitude towards other people or phenomena. Feelings are associated with consciousness and can develop and improve continuously. Continue reading

13 Things to Give Up to Make Your Life Happier and Easier

free your lifeFreeing your life of these 13 useless things, you will feel a surge of happiness and pleasure. Do not just read it … Try it!

1. Let go of the need to always prove your point.

Among us there are so many people who are simply not capable of tolerating any other point of view except for their own. It’s not worth it.

2. Stop trying to control everything.

Give up the need to constantly control everything that happens in your life: people, situations, events, etc. Whether it is about your family, friends, colleagues or strangers on the street, just let them be what they are.

3. Stop blaming.

Free yourself of the need to blame others for what you have or do not have. Do not waste your energy on this and take full responsibility for your life. Continue reading

How to Make Your Wishes Come True with the Power of Thought

wishes come trueWhat is a wish? It is your thoughts that arise in your mind, and that can become a reality, thanks to you and that inner power that you possess. Researchers have long studied the human subconscious and made the following discovery: any thought just like a magnet attracts and transforms the outside world.

And it is very joyful discovery, since it gives a person the tremendous power and creative energy and makes the fulfillment of wishes possible for everyone.

In order to enhance this power of thought you need to train your mind and increase energy every day, because one’s wishes become a reality much faster if they are supported by a large supply of inner strength and a positive attitude.

What destroys your energy and your power of thought?

All sorts of negative thinking – fears, doubts, disturbing thoughts – take away your energy, so your mind should be exempt from such beliefs. Try to think positively, switching to the thoughts full of positive energy and light. Continue reading