How Could Life Emerge in Extreme Environment of the Young Earth?

origin life earthOne of the most popular theories in science today argues that life arrived on Earth from outer space, i.e. from bacteria which were brought to our planet by a meteor. However, another point of view, which seems indeed to have potentially broader support, insists that it is very likely that the earthly life was born right here, in extreme environment of the young Earth, like the one we can find today in the hydrothermal resources in the ocean floor. A team of researchers from both sides of the Atlantic has launched an experiment to “test out” this probability by creating Continue reading

Top Most Unbelievable Science and Technology Predictions for 2030

2030 predictions futurismRobots with high IQ, human brain back up, skyscraper gardens, life expectancy of 150 years are some of what we will be experiencing in 2030 according to the “prophets” of technology and science.

Scientists and researchers who have included the title “futurist” in their curriculum occasionally make predictions about the achievements of mankind in the near and distant future. Achievements that will have many-sided effects on people’s lives. Lately these prophets have been speaking about Continue reading

Scientists Propose to Use Earth’s Heat As a Source of Renewable Energy

earth heat energyScientists have developed a technique that enables to generate electricity from the heat that Earth releases into the atmosphere.

American engineers believe that the thermal energy of the Earth, which is released into the environment, can be used as a renewable energy source for electricity production in some areas of the planet.

The new technique, developed by Federico Capasso and his colleagues at Harvard University (USA), allows to produce electricity from the heat radiated by Earth into the environment. The experts came up with this idea when they discovered that the planet is “heating” space with a capacity of 100 million gigawatts.

At present there are no technologies to extract electricity from the heat of the Earth. The authors of this study created a special scheme of “thermal batteries”, focusing on the data on heat flux emanating from the Earth. These data were collected by specialists in the town of Lamont (Oklahoma).

This device includes a set of special Continue reading

10 Most Expected Science and Technology Advances in 2014

science technology 2014New Scientist magazine published a series of articles about the 10 major events that are likely to happen in the field of science and technology in the coming year.

Space is getting closer

In 2014, two spacecraft that will help people finally reach Mars will be tested. In September, NASA will launch spacecraft Orion, designed for deep space missions, in a 4-hour flight around the Earth.

Also next year the first launch of the rocket Falcon Heavy, developed by a private company SpaceX, will take place. It is able to Continue reading

How Long Would Life On Earth Last if the Sun Went out

earth without sunA cup of hot coffee put in refrigerator cools down instantly. Similarly, if the sun was suddenly “switched off”, which in reality is physically impossible, the Earth, compared with the surrounding space, would remain hot for several million years after that. However, the inhabitants of our planet would feel the cold much earlier.

Within a week, the average global temperature of the surface would drop to 17° Celsius, and within a year – down to 40° C below zero. The upper layers of the oceans would freeze, but the ice would keep the water in the depths of the oceans warm and would prevent freezing for hundreds of thousands of years. Continue reading

This Is What Potential Alien Life Might Look Like

Alien LifeIt all depends on the conditions which exist on a potentially habitable planet. On planets covered with vast oceans life can exist in the form of water creatures resembling inhabitants of our marine environments. In a world with strong gravity and dense atmosphere large, strong and most likely aggressive (due to the harsh conditions of life) creatures may be present. In icy worlds, perhaps only bacteria can potentially exist. To survive, they may be forming giant networks.

Carbon chauvinism

This term is a result of the assumption that alien life, if it exists, must resemble Earth’s life forms. In particular, that is that basic molecules responsible for the metabolic chemical processes of life are represented primarily by carbon. It is apparent that this form of life is Continue reading

New Theory States That We Come from Another Planet and Earth Is Our Prison

extraterrestrial human prison earthIt may look like a script from an episode of «X-Files», but it is definitely a subversive and highly imaginative theory developed by an American scientist. As the theory supports, human was not born on Earth, but on another planet, that is why he demonstrates a series of “dysfunctions”, which would not exist if he was the “product” of Earth. The theory states that we are by nature unruly and aggressive beings and that is why highly developed aliens brought the human population together and exiled them to Earth…

This extremely… advanced, but definitely interesting theory was developed by Professor of ecology Ellis Silver. The “signs” of extraterrestrial origin are quite in accordance with it. As professor says, human has problems with his back and often suffers from pain because our species descended from a planet with less gravity than on Earth. According to Silver, we also face problems when we are exposed to direct sunlight for a relatively short time because we were not designed to come in so close contact with the sun. Continue reading

7 Optimistic Scenarios for the Future of Our Planet

earth mankind futureVisions of future depicted by science fiction writers and futurists usually include atomic explosion, killer robots on tracks and cannibal nomads riding on motorcycles. And this is justified, since we do not take adequate care of our environment, new technologies are not always good of mankind and people of the world are at war with each other without the robots present.

But we cannot be too sure that the history of human civilization will end in such a grim way. Finding ways to avoid premonitions of popular sci-fi stories and apocalyptic dystopia may Continue reading

Life Conditions on Earth Will Soon Get Worse, Say Experts

earth living conditionsAs a result of the serious global climate changes, the conditions of life on Earth will become much poorer in the coming decades.

American journalists gained access to the draft of the annual report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which reported that:

In the XXI century, adverse changes in climate associated with the process of global warming may become the cause of the economic decline and decrease of the population with low income. At some time of the year, in certain regions of the planet, Continue reading

Asteroid Impact Could Have Given Rise to Civilization 13,000 Years Ago

asteroid-impact-civilizationIt turns out that the collision with heavenly bodies does not always lead only to the destruction of life, but can also lead to its prosperity.

Scientists believe that the defining moment in human evolution could be an asteroid that crashed into the North America, in a place not far from Quebec, 12,900 years ago. The collision resulted in the establishment of a cooler and drier climate on the planet, which led to the birth of agriculture.

In North America, this incident led to the extinction of large animals, including giant sloths, camels, saber-toothed tigers and mastodons. This forced the Americans, who were hunters, go on a diet consisting of berries, roots, and small game.

At the same moment, in the eastern Mediterranean, Continue reading