Spiritual Phenomena Exist in Other Dimensions, Says British Scientist

spiritual phenomena other dimensionsProfessor of astronomy and mathematics Bernard Carr believes that many of the phenomena that can be observed but cannot be explained using the terms of the physical laws of our dimension, in fact, occur in other dimensions.

Albert Einstein claimed that there are at least four dimensions, and the 4th one is time or space-time, as he argued that space and time cannot be devided. In modern physics, there are many supporters of the theories about the existence of 11 or more dimensions.

Carr says that our consciousness interacts with other dimensions. In addition, multidimensional universe, as he imagines it, has a hierarchical structure. And we are in

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Could the Discovery of Gravitational Waves Prove the Existence of Parallel Worlds?

gravitational waves parallel worldsAstronomers have discovered traces of gravitational waves in the relict radiation, confirming the inflationary model of the universe. As stated by leading scientists around the world, this long-awaited finding will soon be nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The announcement of the discovery about of new evidence supporting the inflationary model of the universe caused an unprecedented excitement in the scientific world.

The central idea of this model states that our universe is only one “unit” in an infinite and ever-expanding set of unrelated parallel universes which form the so-called multiverse. Continue reading

If Our World Had an Extra Dimension, What Would It Look Like?

multidimensional worldHave you read the novel Flatland? If you haven’t, maybe you should, since this book sets out the idea of the multidimensionality of the space and presents it in an unusual way.

More particularly, the protagonist of the book called “A Square” is a creature from a two-dimensional world, where everything is a plane, just like a sheet of paper. One day he is visited by another character, “A Sphere”, from a three-dimensional world (just like our own). A Square can’t imagine what the 3-D world looks like until A Sphere takes him from Flatland to Spaceland. From there A Square can see his world and family just like we see cartoons on the TV. The only problem is that two-dimensional creatures look disgusting because from Spaceland you can see their insides, since their skin has the shape of a square and does not cover their sides.

Then A Square wonders if a four-dimensional world is possible and what it would look like. In theory, it is, because there is no reason that could deny the possibility of the existence of space with as many dimensions as you can imagine. But no one can Continue reading

Can DMT ‘Connect’ Human Brain to a Parallel Universe?

dmt parallel worldsRick Strassman in his book «DMT: the Spirit Molecule», claims that DMT, which is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs, can provide a reliable and regular access to the other planes of existence.

In fact, they are always there and constantly transmit information. But we cannot perceive them because we are simply not designed for this: our ‘program’ keeps us tuned to the standard, mentally ‘normal’ channel. Just a few seconds are needed for the spirit molecule to reach the brain and change the mental channel, opening our minds to other planes of existence.

How is this happening?

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Japanese Scientists Prove That Teleportation Is Possible

quantum teleportation experimentThe future is already here: for the first time in the world, a team of Japanese scientists managed to implement teleportation! A beam of light was instantly moved from point A to point B.

For the purpose of the experiment, Noriyuki Lee and his colleagues converted light into elementary particles – photons. They kept only one photon that carried the information about the rest beam. This photon was entangled at the quantum level with another photon, which was located at point B. It turned out that these two photons instantaneously affected each other, being physically located in different places. Thanks to this phenomenon, the original beam was at the same moment recreated elsewhere using the information carried by the photon. Continue reading

Quantum Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

consciousness parallel universeA book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe“, published in the USA, has stirred up the Internet, because it contained a notion that life does not end when the body dies, and it can last forever. The author of this publication, scientist Robert Lanza has no doubts that this is possible.

Beyond time and space

Lanza is an expert in regenerative medicine and scientific director of Advanced Cell Technology Company. Before he has been known for his extensive research which dealt with stem cells, he was also famous for several successful experiments on cloning endangered animal species. Continue reading

Is our Universe Connected to Parallel Universes?

multiverse parallel universesMost of us are familiar with the hypothesis of Multiverse, which states that our universe is only a part of a system of countless universes that have a sort of connection with each other but at the same time may have completely different structure and natural laws.

Just imagine a universe with 10 observable dimensions, different kinds of fields and time going in both directions… It may resemble a science fiction book, but who said that the existence of such a world is not possible? Remus Gogu in his book Book Riding. Creative Readings and Writings in Physics and Psychology (by the way, this weekend you can get it for free 🙂 ) states that it is more likely that the number of such universes is infinite rather than just high, which may mean that “at least in one of these universes, an intelligent form of life should have figured out by now a mechanism to travel from one universe to another or at least pass some signals from one universe to another in order to communicate their presence.

But are all the universes connected with each other and, most importantly, is there a way of communication between them? “There might be a chance to see…. read more

5 Most Interesting Alternative Theories About The Universe

universe alternative theoriesConsidering the fact that humans will not be able to travel to the moon for the second time, without even mentioning other planets in the solar system, scientists are creating quite organized and compelling theories regarding composition and origin of our universe. These theories are based on long-term observations of visible parts of the universe as well as on guesses.

Ekpyrotic theory of how the universe has evolved

Everyone knows about the Big Bang theory. Without going into details about this theory, and remembering that now it is even taught in schools, let’s mention an alternative theory that attempts to explain the origin of our universe from a different perspective. Continue reading

Quantum Physicist Claims to Have Proven Life After Death

life after death proof“If a man die, shall he live again?” This age-old question of the biblical patriarch Job has occupied human minds for centuries. Now the American physicist Robert Lanza of Wake Forest University in North Carolina decided to find the answer. With the help of quantum physics, he tried to prove the existence of life after death, writes the Daily Mail.

According to Lanza, there is a theory that asserts the presence of parallel universes in which events occur simultaneously, but in different ways. Lanza believes that death is not the absolute end of life, but it is rather a transition to another, parallel world. Continue reading

Black Holes Are Portals to Other Universes, Claims New Study

black hole portalMany theories about black holes that exist in space were developed over time. The prevailing opinion says that whatever falls into a black hole disappears forever and breaks apart into the component parts. However, a new theory states that black holes do not destroy the matter but rather are a kind of exit gates which lead in various parts of our universe or in other universes.

The new theory was developed by Jorge Pullin of the State University of Louisiana and Rodolfo Gambino of the University of the Republic of Uruguay. The two scientists decided to study the predictions of Continue reading