Occasional Use of Cannabis Affects Brain Regions Responsible for Emotions and Motivation

marijuana brainYoung adults who smoke marijuana (cannabis) from time to time may experience significant changes in two key areas of the brain, which play an important role in emotions and motivations. This is what is stated by a new U.S. scientific research, which, at the same time, does not lead to any definitive conclusion as to how harmful this substance is in small to moderate quantities.
This is the first study that shows that there may be consequences even for the occasional marijuana users, and as the weekly use increases, the possibility of brain damage is rising. Previous studies only found brain lesions in Continue reading

Practical Tips on How to Find Your Purpose in Life

finding your life purposeIt’s the age-old question asked by people in different parts of the world – “What is my purpose in life?” In other words, “What am I here to accomplish?Figuring out your place in the world can be a difficult feat, especially since nowadays, people expect you to have it all figured out at an early age. For a few lucky people, the calling does come early, and they spend their days living out their dream. But what about the rest of us?

For those of us who found our purpose later in life (or for those who are still searching), all is not lost. First, figure out why you are searching for your life purpose. Is it because of a deep interest in what you were meant to do in life, or because someone Continue reading

5 Tips That Will Help You Believe in Yourself

believe in yourselfMost people on the planet are divided into two types: people who believe in themselves and those who don’t. The one category of people goes with the flow, while the other one achieves positive results in life.

Here are a few tips that will help you discover your potential and believe in yourself:

1. Do not complicate your life

With the help of simple logic we can conclude that our faith in our abilities has a great impact on our inferences that affect our choices and decisions. If a person on a subconscious level persuades himself that Continue reading

5 Habits That Will Boost Your Willpower

boost willpowerWe all struggle with ourselves at times. Many times it is hard for us to make decisions, and finally we get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.

In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits that strengthen willpower. Here they are:

1. Make clear what is that you want

How can you know if you should Continue reading

8 Things That Enhance Your Brain Function

positive brain1. Specific objective

Once you articulate a specific goal or a task for yourself, wonderful things will start happening. You will be able to find resources, opportunities and time to accomplish things.

And if you outline the main goal for yourself and split your main objective into smaller tasks while slowly, steadily, step by step trying to carry them out, you will have no problems in achieving what you set your mind to.

2. Positive emotions

Emotions are short-term subjective human responses to the world around us (joy, anger, shame, etc.). Feelings can be described as consistent emotional attitude towards other people or phenomena. Feelings are associated with consciousness and can develop and improve continuously. Continue reading

10 Key Skills of Successful People

successful people skillsIf we note the behavior of many successful leaders in business, economics, politics, or personal development, you will find out that there are at least 10 key skills possessed by all these people.

1. Critical thinking

All successful leaders have a powerful skill of critical thinking. The ability to quickly assess and analyze the situation to identify the main possible problems that should be solved is the key to success in any business.

2. Creative thinking

Many leaders have different skills and talents that help them think “differently”. They have the ability to think “beyond the box” and explore the potential of new ideas that other people may find too risky, crazy or stupid.

3. Ability to listen

Great leaders are great listeners. Cleverly focusing their energy on tasks that involve listening, they intently listen to everything the others say, which allows them to take the most accurate and informed decision.

4. Love of reading

The habit of reading is vitally necessary for professional and personal success. Leaders in any area tend to be avid readers and process huge amounts of information coming in from the reports, papers, documents, books, etc. Maybe not all leaders have mastered speed reading, but they always perfectly capture the main ideas of the context of materials they are reading.

5. Writing skills

Maybe they do not write often. Maybe they do not write much. But when they do, all that is written is concise, clear and to the point.

6. Communication skills

Perhaps this is one of the most important skills of successful people. The best leaders are good speakers. They can communicate their ideas to an audience of… read more

12 reasons you should never give up

never give upAt some point in the different aspects of our lives sometimes we feel as if giving up. Sometimes we give up even before things start or before making a last breakthrough to success, because we understand how much effort is needed to make this.

Here are 12 reasons why you should never give up, I hope that you find your reason before you give up in advance, and it will inspire you to move on. Continue reading

5 proven ways to overcome laziness

lazyIn our society the word “laziness” has negative connotations. Epithets that are associated with the word “lazy” are not too attractive: boring, uninteresting, passive, inactive. Laziness is not even a feature of character. From the standpoint of psychology, laziness is a lack of motivation. Very often, laziness can be a sign of depression or waste of personal energy. The causes of laziness can be: Continue reading

Effective methods of motivation

Motivation helps keep persevering until the end. Success and failure depend on the internal state of a person. Motivation can be nurtured as any other habit.

Whether we are driven by our most vital goal or by a slight intention, we need a sincere motivation. Often on the way to their goal people give up in front of difficulties because of the lack of incentives. Even the most intelligent, talented, creative people can get bogged down in routine, wasting energy on overcoming daily difficulties instead of moving to a higher goal. A few simple steps will help you stimulate yourself in daily activities and achieve long-term goals. Continue reading

Motivation tips: how to keep yourself motivated

motivationWe eat to provide our body with energy and gain strength to perform daily activities. Likewise, we constantly need to replenish the energy of our mind.

Learn to keep yourself motivated

If you are not satisfied with the results, if you are wondering how to keep yourself motivated, you have already taken the first step. It is important to identify and accept your shortcomings and failures because only then can you make an effort to overcome them. Nevertheless, the first step is the beginning of a journey and you must go ahead to reach the goal. Continue reading