What Students Ought to Know About Studying in the UK

Studying in the UKWhen a student prepares himself for an education abroad, the choices are pretty much obvious; it is either the US or the UK. However, if the number of students applying for admission to the UK is compared with the numbers trying for the US then a stark difference is obvious. This is primarily because of the aggressive campaigns laid out by various privately funded US universities to get foreign students. Unfortunately, the majority of information on admission procedures to the UK comes from the British Council and the education consultants that each UK university ties up with in the host country.

Instead of focusing on the procedure here, we shall counter a few misconceptions about the UK admissions with that of the US and hopefully provide sufficient insight to students across the globe on how to get into UK universities. Continue reading

4 Unusual Scholarships for the College Bound

unusual scholarshipsCollege can be terribly expensive—there is no denying that. But the cost shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams and getting the education you deserve. If you’re really concerned about finances then scholarships are the route you should take—they can help pay partial or even your entire tuition, depending on the amount of award money you earn. However, some students are too shy to apply to academic-based scholarships. That’s ok too, because there are tons of scholarships that are offered for “unusual” reasons. To learn more, continue reading below. Continue reading

Getting a second bachelor degree in Germany

Germany is a country of universities, some of which are centuries old. The universities of Tübingen, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Jena, Marburg, Göttingen have a significant advantage compared with other European universities: training fees in Germany don’t exceed € 600 per semester and are often reduced up to € 150 of administrative fee. To study inGermany you don’t need to invest “a fortune” but you have to arrange it properly and put some effort.

First of all, you have to Continue reading

Swiss Diploma is a key to a successful career in the hospitality industry

Switzerland is considered a pioneer in the field of hotel, tourism and restaurant management, and the majority of top managers in this area were trained in Swiss universities. One them is IHTTI (International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute) of Neuchâtel, a lively university town located near the Neuchâtel Lake at the foot of the mountains.

The secret of success of the IHTTI is its connection with the former hotel EUROTEL, one of the most famous hotels in Neuchatel. As a part of their training all students make their internship in Continue reading

Higher Education in Italy

Each year the Italian Ministry of Education establishes a number of quotas for foreigners in the universities of Italy.

First of all, foreign students have the right to enter the course Laurea Triennale (bachelor’s degree), to be given a degree of the 1st level. The basic requirements for entry to this course are 12 years of school education and knowledge of Italian, that is checked by interview.

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