Learn while you Earn with the Popular Online Degree Programs

learn earnEarning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job. 

The new generation is increasingly turning interest to the emerging concept of earn and learn. The reason can vary from being independent, pay own tuition fees, develop job skills, or gain work experience. The increasing desire to learn while you earn has resulted in an upsurge for the demand for online degree courses, which provide the young students with an opportunity to continue their learning along with earning options. Continue reading

What Is the Best Music to Help You Study?

listening to music when studyingBeethoven once said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” As it turns out, music enhances learning, too. According to a College Entrance Exam Board Service study, students involved in musical extracurricular activities scored 51 points higher on the verbal portion of the SAT exams and 39 points higher on math on the SAT exams. [1] Through this and other research findings, educators believe that music relaxes, soothes, and helps people concentrate better, making it the perfect study companion to diminish distractions and keep students learning.

In Don Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect, Campbell has condensed research on the topic to enlighten readers about how music affects their brain. Continue reading

5 Step Path to Preparing for an Interview

job interview preparationPreparing in the right way for an important interview means covering a few key areas – what are some of the main things that you should be focusing on, from researching a post, through to preparing a portfolio, and ensuring that you are psychologically ready on the day of the interview? It’s also important to be able to anticipate questions before an interview, and to be able to prepare for rejection, while still being able to learn from problems and build on them for your next interview.

1. Researching the Post

You’ve received an invitation for an interview, and now have to wait for the date – during this time, you should go back over a job application pack to check all the specifications for the post that you’ve been given; read through your CV and covering letter to check that you’re able to elaborate on points, and read up on a job online. You can gain a broader understanding of what a business or institution does, and can be prepared to discuss topics and issues around a job or industry. Continue reading

Expanding Your Mind – Learning For Success

expand mind learningWhen learning, it’s important to broaden your horizons as much as possible; this means reading widely, and learning more about subjects that you might not normally be interested in. It also means making use of the many free and inexpensive resources available to you on and offline, as well as changing how you learn; doing so can help you towards a higher degree of employability, and can also set you up for lifelong learning.

Reading More 

Just taking the time to read more every day can make a big difference to your education; try to read the newspaper online, and cover multiple papers to get a different point of view. It’s also possible to broaden your horizons by reading a wide range of different genres, which can be particularly useful if you’re into the habit of reading the same authors. While it’s not a good idea to force yourself to read things you don’t want to, it’s worth sampling as much as you can.  Continue reading

10 Lessons of Life from Bill Gates

bill gates lessonsBill Gates, speaking to high school students, named the 11 rules that teenagers, according to him, would never learn in school:

1. The world does not really care about your self-esteem and self-awareness. The world expects achievements from you without taking into account your self-esteem.

2. Frying burgers at McDonald’s is not a work below your dignity. Be sure that your great-grandparents would consider any work like this a “good opportunity”.

3. It is not very likely that you will be paid 50,000$ a year right after high school. Moreover, you are not going to become a vice president with your own limousine and personal driver, until you deserve it.

4. Your parents were not as uninteresting and boring people as they seem to you now, before Continue reading

4 bad study habits and how to break them

study habitsImplementing and adhering to good study habits can be tricky; for some students formulating any kind of study plan or revision timetable is something of an unknown world. As assignment deadlines loom or examinations draw closer a student starts to feel the incipient signs of panic and begins to dread possible failure.

There are four particularly widespread study mistakes, and yet they are easily remedied once noticed and acknowledged. Once these faults are banished it will be much easier for a student to review their study habits and get their revision and progress back on track. Continue reading

Tips on How to Balance Homework

balance homeworkThese tips are fundamental and target the root cause of why many students are struggling with school and homework. No impractical “make a to do list” tips here. Only raw structural advices to help you make it.

The best tactics for getting through school are these.

  • Live on campus. Many studies have shown, and every school will confirm, that students living on campus have on average higher grades than their off-campus counterparts.
  • Don’t do all Gen. Eds. right away. Spread them out and mix them with major classes. Some people like, say international students, find it easier to leave all the general education classes for later.
  • Continue reading

How Students Can Benefit From Using Social Media

students social mediaNo man or woman is an island…

…but when you’re a student, life can feel quite isolated, given all those hours spent studying in the dusty library, attending tiresome lectures and grappling with the mind-boggling jargon of some of those blasted text books. As you stare wistfully out of the window, you observe the rest of the world socialising and feel a pang of jealousy for their carefree existence.

Stop being wistful and harness the power of social media for work and play, and you will reap the benefits in no time, my friend. Continue reading

What is the Best Music To Listen To For Exam Revision?

listening to music when readingRevising for your exams is a stressful time and it is important to keep yourself healthy, both physically and mentally. We all have a physical health and we all have a mental health. Both need taking care of, particularly at times of a heavy workload as when revising.

Relaxation is a key factor when revising for exams. Plenty of fresh air, good food and rest will keep you in a healthy frame of mind to get you through this stressful time. After all, these exams are for your future. It is vital you are well prepared. Continue reading

How To Psychologically Prepare For An Interview

job interview preparationWhen interviewing for a potential vacancy, the greatest enemy can sometimes be the individual’s mind. People may tell themselves they’re not good enough or they don’t have the correct skill-set. Something in the back of their mind may even tell them they don’t really want, or need, the job they’re applying for and this can be incredibly detrimental during the interview and can manifest itself negatively.
There are, however, ways to overcome this mental block, ensuring that the individual steps up their game and conducts themselves in a confident and succinct manner. Continue reading