Practical Tips on How to Find Your Purpose in Life

finding your life purposeIt’s the age-old question asked by people in different parts of the world – “What is my purpose in life?” In other words, “What am I here to accomplish?Figuring out your place in the world can be a difficult feat, especially since nowadays, people expect you to have it all figured out at an early age. For a few lucky people, the calling does come early, and they spend their days living out their dream. But what about the rest of us?

For those of us who found our purpose later in life (or for those who are still searching), all is not lost. First, figure out why you are searching for your life purpose. Is it because of a deep interest in what you were meant to do in life, or because someone Continue reading

5 Habits That Will Boost Your Willpower

boost willpowerWe all struggle with ourselves at times. Many times it is hard for us to make decisions, and finally we get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.

In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits that strengthen willpower. Here they are:

1. Make clear what is that you want

How can you know if you should Continue reading

8 Things That Enhance Your Brain Function

positive brain1. Specific objective

Once you articulate a specific goal or a task for yourself, wonderful things will start happening. You will be able to find resources, opportunities and time to accomplish things.

And if you outline the main goal for yourself and split your main objective into smaller tasks while slowly, steadily, step by step trying to carry them out, you will have no problems in achieving what you set your mind to.

2. Positive emotions

Emotions are short-term subjective human responses to the world around us (joy, anger, shame, etc.). Feelings can be described as consistent emotional attitude towards other people or phenomena. Feelings are associated with consciousness and can develop and improve continuously. Continue reading

8 Common Tricks Your Mind Plays on You

mind trapsCheck out this list of deceptions our own minds play on us.

1. I would have been happier if I worked less.

Our minds often tend to come up with this argument, when we think that we would be happier if we did not have to work. We imagine in our heads a life full of pleasures and start falsely assuming that this would make us happier. However, the reality is that idleness is often the main cause of boredom and depression. We are hardworking and creative by nature. We have to solve problems and improve ourselves in order to be happy. Get up and put your heart and soul into something meaningful to you and you will see Continue reading

20 Tips on How to Build Self-Confidence

build self confidenceOne of the things that keep people from changing their life is the fear of failure and lack of self-confidence to overcome this fear. Here are effective 20 tips on how to develop self-confidence. Of course, you do not have to do everything from this list, but just pick the tips you like most and try them.

1. Think positively.

By changing one thing you can change your whole life. Try to look at yourself and the world in a more peaceful and positive way. Accept yourself and others for what they are and try to see the positive side in every situation.

2. Know thyself.

You cannot conquer fear, without knowing it well. Keep a journal about yourself and your thoughts, try to be honest with yourself. Then analyze your thoughts and events of the past days and weeks, and maybe you will see the cause-effect relationships. Think what is stopping you from changing or making a new step. Continue reading

Working on a Dream: Five Questions to Ask Yourself everyday if you’re serious about achieving your goals

dreams“More than rich, More than famous, More than happy, I just wanted to be great”

– Bruce Springsteen

Having a dream is important. Everybody needs an ambition, something to strive for, to give their life a purpose.

Everyone’s dream is different; they are as individual as fingerprints, but the same basic rules apply if you want to achieve them.

The hard fact is that dreams just don’t come true for most people. They require preparation and hard work. Whether your dream is to become a pop star or scale Mount Everest, asking yourself these questions everyday will help you to keep your focus. Answering with a ‘no’ is a sign that you are no longer serious about your dream – perhaps you may need to re-evaluate. Continue reading

How You Can Become Wealthy Just by Thinking like a Wealthy?

Wealthy ThinkingIt is fact that to be successful in life, there should be some vision, mission, and defined goals to achieve your targets. In this post, we will discuss visions, views, activities, philosophies, living styles, and other relevant content about the people, who are successful today. Moreover, you will get to know about the tricks you can adopt in order to become like them.

Middle class emphasize on money saving, but world class on earning:

Most of rich men try their level best to earn a lot and they earn while focusing long-term goals. Their main objective is to prosper in future. However, contrary to them, middle class people always try to save their earned money by keeping a constant eye on their expenses. This is what you have to avoid in order to become a wealthy person. Continue reading

Finding the inspiration to help make your life extraordinary

inspiration ahead

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” 
– Goethe

The quest for self-improvement has evolved into an entire industry unto itself, with authors, public speakers and various celebrity profiles establishing healthy and extremely wealthy careers based on inspiring people to reach out and touch their dreams. This is due to the fact that within the depths of each human soul there exists an aching for a more meaningful and fulfilling existence, for a career as opposed to just a job, an exciting marriage as opposed to just a habitual relationship and a life packed full of stories in place of regrets. Continue reading

Make Goals, instead of Resolutions, If You Really Want to Achieve Things

todo listMaking promises is easy, but fulfilling them or achieving them with success is always a hard task to perform. We usually think of achieving unlimited goals, but due to different reasons, we may not achieve them perfectly. Such cases mainly arise due to lack of plans, passion, and hard work required to reach our destination. We always intend to act smart enough to achieve our goals, but in reality, our constant procrastination makes us fail to do so. Continue reading

Self-analysis: simple technique for problem solving

problem solvingSometimes it is very difficult to objectively analyze a personal problem. This is where various useful techniques can help you sort through the painful issue. In this article we will take a look at an effective way of analyzing a painful problem by Lise Bourbeau. Continue reading