Top Most Unbelievable Science and Technology Predictions for 2030

2030 predictions futurismRobots with high IQ, human brain back up, skyscraper gardens, life expectancy of 150 years are some of what we will be experiencing in 2030 according to the “prophets” of technology and science.

Scientists and researchers who have included the title “futurist” in their curriculum occasionally make predictions about the achievements of mankind in the near and distant future. Achievements that will have many-sided effects on people’s lives. Lately these prophets have been speaking about Continue reading

Future Control: New Mobile App That Can Predict the Future!

future controlDesigner Dor Tal from Israel developed a concept gadget Future Control, which can analyze the information taken from the internet in order to make “predictions” about the actions of its owner.

The Future Control Project focuses primarily on a new mobile application that requires access to the personal data of social networks, bank accounts, e-mail, calendar, messages, calls, etc. The algorithm of the app will analyze the information and provide predictions for the future. Future Control is going to be a kind of Continue reading

Nutrigenomics: New Approach to Personalized Nutrition Based on Genetic Information

nutrigenomicsThe relationship of genes and nutrition is one of the hottest areas of research worldwide. The goal of the scientific community is to find the way to match our nutritional intakes with our genetic background to achieve maximum health.

To understand the potential of this method, let’s take a walk in the future, and possibly in the near future. Let’s imagine that in some years from now the state of your health forces you to correct your diet and form more good eating habits. Continue reading

How Science Fiction Movies Change the Real World of Technology

star trek technologyDespite the fact that the various interfaces and control panels that are used in the movies are aimed only to help the development of the plot, many of these devices have gained worldwide fame. Such things are used in many science fiction movies, starting with communicators from “Star Trek and ending with the helmet display from Terminator. Both designers and engineers could adopt some ideas of such developments.

There is a lot to say about what a good sci-fi interface should be. First of all, this is what maximizes the performance of the tasks. At the same time, this interface should Continue reading

A Futuristic Gaze Into the Next Generation’s Influence on Teaching and Learning

future education childrenGeneration Z kids are presently in class right now, and they’ll be altering the method in which folks envision learning. These youngsters have hypertext psyches with identical intellectual designs that shift every which way, not the step by step mindsets that humans have become used to.

Studies demonstrate that nine out of ten young people, aged eleven-to-fourteen years old, already possess smart phones, and ninety percent of them  enjoy computer games on the web. Over half of these youths produce media online, and ninety percent of boys and girls, today, can Continue reading

The World in 2014 as Predicted by Isaac Asimov

isaac-asimov predictionsDuring the World’s Fair in New York in 1964, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov made ​​predictions about how the world would be 50 years later, which were published in the newspaper The New York Times. Reading them today, you can see that the author managed to predict nearly all modern technological achievements!

According to Asimov, half of the electricity in 2014 will be produced by nuclear power plants, and solar power stations will operate in the vast deserts of Arizona and Kazakhstan. The connection will be satellite-based and spacecraft will successfully reach Mars. Continue reading

7 Optimistic Scenarios for the Future of Our Planet

earth mankind futureVisions of future depicted by science fiction writers and futurists usually include atomic explosion, killer robots on tracks and cannibal nomads riding on motorcycles. And this is justified, since we do not take adequate care of our environment, new technologies are not always good of mankind and people of the world are at war with each other without the robots present.

But we cannot be too sure that the history of human civilization will end in such a grim way. Finding ways to avoid premonitions of popular sci-fi stories and apocalyptic dystopia may Continue reading

‘Humanity Must Colonize Other Planets to Survive’

colonization of other planetsTechnology that allows us to reach the nearest planets is already in our hands, and a former astronaut Jeff Hoffman thinks that we must colonize other planets for the sake of our long-term survival.

Hoffman is one of about five hundred people who lived through the unique experience of seeing Earth from its orbit. Imagine that being in space, you can pull your hand and completely close our planet – so that all our knowledge, the whole humanity, and every person who has ever lived on Earth, simply disappear. This very clearly shows how vulnerable we are. That is why, according to Hoffman, for long-term survival of our species we need to become a multi-planetary race.

It should be understood that space is not Continue reading

Robots Will Take Our Jobs Within the Next Five Years?

robot office workerRobots will have captured our offices before the end of the decade, claims a British expert in artificial intelligence who provides that by 2018 robots will take professions that now are thought to be purely “human”. If to believe the forecasts, office workers, secretaries, salespeople, insurers and administrators should start looking for another workpiece.

Faster progress

The predictions of the bleak future for human occupation are made by Andrew Anderson, CEO of artificial intelligence company Celaton, in an interview in the British newspaper «Daily Mail». As the British expert said, the company undertook an assessment of all of the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence of recent years. The conclusion is that the replacement of humans by machines in the workplace will come sooner than you thought: in fact it is Continue reading

What Will Sex Be Like in the Distant Future?

sex in the futureNowadays, not only we openly write about sex, it is shown all over the place and even brought to our attention in the media. Intimate relationship is no longer a manifestation of romantic feelings or anything sacred. Perhaps that is why the concepts of sex and love have grown apart. And while “true love” has not yet fully come under the influence of modern technology, it is quite different with sex. Here is an overview of latest technologies and sex prototypes to help in understanding what sex may become in the future.

Gender and sexual orientation

In Western culture, people have long accepted the fact that gender and sexual orientation of a person is not predestined at birth. The fact that people today have resorted to sex-change operations are unlikely to surprise anyone. Moreover, many transsexuals are heroically attempting to educate and show to the skeptics how their lives have changed for the better after the change of their gender. A striking example of this phenomenon is Lana Wachowski, who together with her brother Andy created the “The Matrix” trilogy and the movie “Cloud Atlas“. Continue reading