10 Real Reasons That Lie Behind Your Negative Emotions

hidden emotions1. Anger

When you do not get what you want, you can unconsciously cause a sense of anger in you in order to force another person to submit to you. So, anger helps you take control of the situation. Anger helps take the upper hand in the dispute, or take revenge for your failures. Anger can also be used to protect your rights. Anger helps us give the enemy to understand that he must retreat. Anger with yourself can be a way to force yourself to do something, get down to a task. Continue reading

10 Most Common Nightmares And Their Meaning

Our emotions are the source of most dreams, whether nightmares or not. Both pleasant dreams and terrible nightmares are a normal everyday reality for everyone, while some of them are familiar to most of us. Here are 10 most common nightmares and their meaning.

1. Serious illness

 illness nightmare

Agony of the unknown, difficulty accepting a reality. Continue reading

Revealing the Mystery of Dreams and Dreaming

mystery of dreamsWhat are dreams? What is this strange world that exists alongside to our own, inside and outside of it, occurring at the same time? Is this a world, which is the same with the one of awareness, with the only difference of being the “eye” of consciousness that makes the one the real-world and the other fantastic?

People of ancient times had different beliefs about the world of dreams and its importance. Today scientists, researching the secrets of the brain, believe that they have got even closer in solving the riddle of dreams.

Dreams are mental and emotional expressions that are displayed on the “screen” of our minds while we are sleeping. We dream about one to two hours every night, while we may experience four to seven dreams during our sleep. Every person dreams, but not everyone remembers his dreams. Dreams are colourful and often involve all of our senses, giving us impressions of smells, sounds, images, tastes and things we touch. Sometimes we often see the same dream over and over again and some other times we feel that we had seen this specific dream before, without being able to remember if this had actually happened. Also, sometimes we might dream about unfamiliar places and situations that seem to be oddly familiar. Continue reading

20 Tips on How to Build Self-Confidence

build self confidenceOne of the things that keep people from changing their life is the fear of failure and lack of self-confidence to overcome this fear. Here are effective 20 tips on how to develop self-confidence. Of course, you do not have to do everything from this list, but just pick the tips you like most and try them.

1. Think positively.

By changing one thing you can change your whole life. Try to look at yourself and the world in a more peaceful and positive way. Accept yourself and others for what they are and try to see the positive side in every situation.

2. Know thyself.

You cannot conquer fear, without knowing it well. Keep a journal about yourself and your thoughts, try to be honest with yourself. Then analyze your thoughts and events of the past days and weeks, and maybe you will see the cause-effect relationships. Think what is stopping you from changing or making a new step. Continue reading

5 Most Common Nightmares and Their Interpretation (Part 2)

common nightmaresIt is the second part of the article about the most common nightmares and their interpretationHere are other five nightmare scenarios and their possible meaning:

1. Failure at an exam or inability to solve a problem

Even if you have long forgotten your school or college years, you still can occasionally have dreams of the failure at an exam or something like that. Unconscious anxiety about not passing important exams is a common dream, and the grade you get can tell a lot.

If you fail the exam, it may describe your thoughts on whether you deserve the things you have achieved in life. If you could go back and get an estimate for all of your past deeds, would you be satisfied with the result? If your answer is yes, but on the exam in your dream you feel that your score was too low, then your dream reflects your rejection of what you have achieved. Continue reading

Five Most Common Thinking Errors

thinking errorsWe all often make errors in our thinking, especially when we are deeply convinced of the truth of what we believe. These errors lead to the fact that it becomes especially difficult to change our minds or to accept any alternative view.

Our way of thinking is closely linked with our emotions and behavior. It is very useful to know when we make thinking errors in order to be able to assess the situation from the outside. Here are 5 major thinking errors that we usually make.

1. Overgeneralization

Getting only a specific output of a particular event is a common error of judgment. Proof of a particular part of a case does not make this case completely truthful. You can lose a single battle but win the war. For example, your favorite football team can lose several games of the season, but still be the champion of the country. In reality, the individual events are rarely particularly important. It makes no sense to judge yourself or others because of one mistake. Continue reading

5 Most Common Nightmares and Their Interpretation (Part 1)

common nightmaresNightmares are an integral part of our dreams. Our pleasant dreams are caused mostly by our dreams and desires, unlike the nightmares that are a manifestation of such feelings as stress and anxiety.

In the nightmares, as well as in all kinds of dreams, all seen images are symbolic, so they should never be interpreted literally. Their interpretation can help you decipher an important message that your subconscious is trying to send you.

1. Lost or trapped

Feeling of being lost or trapped in a dream indicates the same feelings experienced by a person in real life in a certain situation. Does anyone make you do something against your will? Do you have exhausted all possible solutions to a problem and feel despair? Continue reading

What Does the Way You Walk Reveal about Your Personality?

walking personalityThe clothes you wear, the way your walk, your facial features, the tone of your voice, your body language, the music you prefer and your hobbies can say a lot about your personality. Everything connected with someone shows different parts of his personality, and, having some knowledge of the relevant psychological topics, you can see what you have never noticed before. Continue reading

How to reveal your hidden talents

how to reveal your talentEach of us has talents, some of which we do not even know about. It is sad when a person puts off the development of his talents thinking that other things are more important and even sadder if a person believes he is untalented. Everyone has a talent, and not just one. So who is to blame for the fact that you still have not revealed them? You can blame your parents, the system, society, education, yourself, but you’d better reveal your talents right now, no matter what your age is. Continue reading

Interpretation of 4 Most Common Dreams

falling down dreamDreams and their interpretation are something that has preoccupied people since the beginning of history.

Many analysts claim that every dream is significant and aims to warn us or to inform us about an event that will happen in the near (or far) future. There are also some people who claim that they saw in their sleep events that happened in detail after a few days. On the other hand, many people argue that the theory of dream interpretation has no scientific basis and therefore no one should pay attention to such phenomena.

Anyway, we do not have the necessary knowledge to join the one or the other side. For this reason, here is the interpretation of the 4 most common dreams that people see, and you decide whether to take it into account or not. Continue reading