Psychologists Found an Easy Way to Overcome Social Anxiety

overcome social anxietyAre you afraid of public speaking? Want to make a good first impression? Thanks to the new psychological research anyone can combat his fears and insecurities within minutes.

Each of us from time to time gets into a situation when it is particularly necessary to have self-control and show confidence. It takes a lot of courage, for example, to start a talk with an unknown pretty girl or a handsome young man.

Everyone wants to make a positive first impression on a potential employer at the job interview or win an important client at the business meeting. Continue reading

Simple Activities That Can Change the Way You See things

perception self improvementThe way you see things defines your world. Those are the words of Michael Michalko a highly acclaimed creative mind in business. You can actually change the way you look at things and in response, the things you look at will definitely change. Self-development is always about getting the best out of you because it is within. It needs you to reach out and shove the greatness out of its suppressing nest.

Enough talk; let us see what should be done. If you have low self-esteem, you should know that it is not a genetic problem that cannot be change. Low self-esteem is neither an infection that needs medication to suppress. It a perceptive situation. It is all about how you feel about yourself. These simple activities can change the way you see things and enable self-improvement. Continue reading

Height Affects the State of Mind and Perception of a Person, Say Scientists

height self confidenceSeveral studies have suggested that there is a relationship between a person’s height and… the role he or she plays in a romantic relationship. But how can the person’s height affect an emotional state of his or her mind? A recent survey by the University of Oxford studied how short people perceive the world around them. With the help of avatars, the researchers put the participants to a virtual experience, during which they were in metro along with other people… being a few inches shorter than their actual height.

The volunteers were able to move and interact with other virtual passengers, for example by exchanging glances. Each virtual journey lasted about six minutes, while the participants were Continue reading

Do Animals Have Conscious Mind?

animal consciousnessThe problem of consciousness still remains confusing and is divided not so much among academic schools, but according to their philosophical approaches. What is it all about when we talk about consciousness? Is it a necessary part of complex cognitive processes of understanding the world? Are there different types, forms and levels of development of consciousness? Do animals have consciousness?

In fact, the mystery surrounding the last question is gradually dissipating as more and more features we are accustomed to assign to human thinking and human consciousness can be found in animals. And quite often, these animals are not chimpanzees or orangutans similar to humans. These can be wolves, dogs and even parrots.

Autists: A distinct level

Professor Temple Grandin, a prominent scientific figure in the world, is the main character of a bestseller “Anthropologist on Mars” by an equally famous neurologist Oliver Sacks. Professor Grandin is an autist and an expert in animal behavior. The unique combination of these qualities allowed her to hypothesize that Continue reading

How You Are Being Spied on and Manipulated on the Internet

internet surveillanceInternet. Maybe not every person can give a precise definition of this word, but it is safe to say that even small kids know about the existence of “magic something” where you can find a lot of things to learn.

There is the exact time of birth of the Internet – October 29, 1969, when for the first time a connection was established between the remote nodes in the network ARPANET. For decades after that, programs, systems and network protocols have been developed, till the concept of the World Wide Web was born in 1989. It is worth noting that the root cause of the creation of a global system of integrated global computer networks was strategic. Since there was an arms race between the USSR and the USA, America needed Continue reading

Interacting with Introverts: a User’s Manual

introvertsTelevision, advertising and all sorts of books and articles on “how to become successful” impose an image of an easy-going and open person.

However, there are a lot of introverts, and they are no worse than extroverts, but even better from many points. In the end, writers, artists and scientists immersed in their inner world always brought huge benefits to the society.

Nowadays introverts live in web space, as evidenced by the huge number of forums and online communities.

What is introversion?

Introverts live as if enclosed in a human-sized ball. The main particularity of “true introverts”, unlike just closed people, has to do with the way they get their energy. Continue reading

10 Tips for Reading Body Language

reading body language1. Carefully observe what is happening around.

Attention is the basis for effective interpretation of non-verbal communication. Constantly watch the gestures, facial expressions, postures of the person. It is the only way to be able to consolidate and improve this skill.

2. Observation in the context is the key to understanding the psychology of non-verbal communication.

You need to remember that the signs of cheating as such do not exist: Continue reading

8 Weird But Effective Exercises for Brain Power

weird brain trainingIn 1936, the American writer Dorothy Brandt in her book «Wake Up and Live» offered some fun exercises for the brain training to help you make your mind sharper and more flexible. These exercises are aimed to get you out of your usual environment, show a different perspective (even a different reality, if you want) and create a situation that will require ingenuity and creative solutions.

1. Spend 1 hour a day without saying anything, just answering direct questions in your usual surroundings, without creating the impression that you are offended or in a bad mood. Behave as normally as possible. Do not make any comments and do not give in to attempts to extract information from you.

2. For 30 minutes a day, think of one and only subject, being completely focused on it. You can start with five minutes.

3. For 15 minutes a day keep conversation without using the words “I, me, my, mine.

4. Allow your interlocutor to talk only about himself without realizing it. Using polite questions, Continue reading

3 Strategies for Better Understanding of People’s Behavior

understand people's behaviorThe need to learn to understand people most often occurs when a person was mistaken about the others more than once. Since we are all more or less dependent on the people around us, understanding others’ behavior is one of the key life skills. How to develop it?

What is worth reading

Since the topic of today’s article is very general, I want to give some references to the theoretical material that will be useful.

First, be sure to read books on the topics like Continue reading

Internet Takes Away Our Real Life, Claims New Study

gaming real lifeThe social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook may have revolutionized the way we communicate, but have also messed up our real life, new study claims.

As revealed by the study of the Technology Policy Institute in Washington, with every hour spent in Internet surfing, a user “loses” about 16 minutes from work.

The navigation in the “ocean” of websites seemed to also affect sleep and social life of users, since with each hour in the online world the user lacks seven precious minutes of sleep and 17 minutes of going out in the outside world, which corresponds to approximately 18 whole days away from friends and families a year. Continue reading