Male and Female Brains Are Indeed Different, Say Scientists

male female brainHaving spent countless hours in workshops and having studied more than 1,000 brain scans, scientists came to a conclusion that confirms the old common belief stating that male brain works in a different way than the female one.

The map of the “neural circuit” of the average female brain contains a larger number of connections between the left and right hemispheres, contrasted with the male one, where the connection in regions between the back and the front of the brain is predominantly stronger. Continue reading

5 Amazing Facts about Human Brain and Memory

brain memory facts1. You cannot tickle yourself.

Examining the patient who is afraid of tickling, doctors usually try to have his or her hands over their own to prevent such feelings. This happens because your brain keeps your senses focused on the important things, such as signals from the outside world, which should not sink into the bottomless sea of sensations caused by your own actions. For this purpose, there is a part of the brain that generates a signal that distinguishes our own touch from someone else’s. It occupies about 1/8 of the total brain size and weighs about 4 ounces (113g). Continue reading

Myths and Truths about Brain Hemispheres and Their Functions

brain hemispheresOver the last decade great attention to the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and its effects on the process of learning was paid. This interest has to do with the fact that traditional teaching models are based on the functioning of the left hemisphere i.e. the development of language and logic, without taking into account the characteristics of the right hemisphere, such as intuition, spontaneity, and imagination.

Although the famous French mathematician Poincare argued that “the logic proves but the intuition creates” and although the Hungarian scientist Michael Polanyi talked about mental beauty and passion in the process of knowledge discovery, only recently science began to recognize the role of Continue reading

5 Most Interesting Scientific Paradoxes

paradox1. The drinker paradox

This paradox is best to be reflected upon on Friday evening at a bar, which can create the appropriate mood. It is formulated as follows: “In any pub, there is someone such that if he is drinking, then everyone in the pub is drinking. The logic is as follows:

A) Let’s say it’s true that everyone is drinking in the pub. Let’s isolate one person from all local drunks, for example, Jack. Then, if they all are drinking, Jack will be drinking also. And vice versa.

B) The second option is has it that not everyone is drinking in the pub. Then only one person remains sober, let it be Jack again. Since it is incorrect to say that he is drinking, it is safe to say that when he is, everyone else is drinking also.

From the point of view of common sense these claims more than far-fetched. But according to the rules of scientific logic they work. Firstly, a false statement could lead to Continue reading

Impact of Fear on the Human Brain

fear human brainThe impact of fear on the human brain is very powerful: it completely changes the way we process information.

“When people are frightened, intelligent parts of the brain cease to dominate”, Dr. Bruce Perry explains, quoted in an article published on the Time magazine website. When faced with a threat, the cortex responsible for risk assessment and actions cease to function. In other words, logical thinking is replaced by overwhelming emotions, thus favoring short-term solutions and sudden reactions.

On the other hand, interpretation of the environment helps us to survive disasters. Joseph LeDoux, professor of psychology at New York University, explains that this mechanism “monopolizes the brain resources to help face the threat”. Continue reading

How Solving Puzzle Games Can Help You Develop

children puzzlesChess, sudoku, strategic computer games, social puzzle games – how can they contribute to our well-being? You must know that puzzle games haven’t been created just for fun. They are focused on abilities which all human beings possess, but not everyone takes advantage of them. Here you will find some useful tips not only for studying better, but also for enhancing your skills in general.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

As scientists say, there are various types of intelligence. Some people are better at writing (verbal intelligence), others are perfect drivers (spatial intelligence). There are also people who deal very well with logical inferences, mathematical problems, etc. They could formulate their thoughts very precisely, by using symbols; they are also specialists at detecting and solving problems (e.g. how to use given construction materials to build a house). Continue reading

Five Most Common Thinking Errors

thinking errorsWe all often make errors in our thinking, especially when we are deeply convinced of the truth of what we believe. These errors lead to the fact that it becomes especially difficult to change our minds or to accept any alternative view.

Our way of thinking is closely linked with our emotions and behavior. It is very useful to know when we make thinking errors in order to be able to assess the situation from the outside. Here are 5 major thinking errors that we usually make.

1. Overgeneralization

Getting only a specific output of a particular event is a common error of judgment. Proof of a particular part of a case does not make this case completely truthful. You can lose a single battle but win the war. For example, your favorite football team can lose several games of the season, but still be the champion of the country. In reality, the individual events are rarely particularly important. It makes no sense to judge yourself or others because of one mistake. Continue reading

How You Can Become Wealthy Just by Thinking like a Wealthy?

Wealthy ThinkingIt is fact that to be successful in life, there should be some vision, mission, and defined goals to achieve your targets. In this post, we will discuss visions, views, activities, philosophies, living styles, and other relevant content about the people, who are successful today. Moreover, you will get to know about the tricks you can adopt in order to become like them.

Middle class emphasize on money saving, but world class on earning:

Most of rich men try their level best to earn a lot and they earn while focusing long-term goals. Their main objective is to prosper in future. However, contrary to them, middle class people always try to save their earned money by keeping a constant eye on their expenses. This is what you have to avoid in order to become a wealthy person. Continue reading