One in Eight Britons Live in a Haunted House!

haunted houseOne in eight Britons believe that they… live with a ghost, according to a survey of the organization «Ocean Finance».

According to the magazine «Paris Match», which presented the results of research, at least 7.7 million people in the country of David Cameron believe that their house is haunted.

Accodring the results of the same survey, more than half of British adults believe in supernatural phenomena. 52% of respondents said they believe in the supernatural. The corresponding percentage in 2005 and 2009 was Continue reading

Is It Possible to Capture Human Thoughts on Film? [Photo]

In the 60s a psychiatrist from Denver, who believed that he could capture the human thoughts on film, conducted a series of experiments using a Polaroid camera.

Dr. Jule Eisenbud and his subject Ted Serios tried to prove that psychic projection is able to appear on film.

All experimental photographs today are stored in the Special Collections of the University of Maryland. Recently, they have been digitized, and now everyone can download the results of the experiment and decide for himself whether to believe in thoughtography. Continue reading

Couple Invents iPhone Application for Communicating with Spirits

Pingleton and BeitzA couple of ghost hunters from Indiana, U.S.A., claim to have created an application that allows people to communicate with ghosts with the help of their iPhone.

Passion for the paranormal has united two people Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz. According to the couple, they always try to visit the places where strange events happen, indicating the presence of the creatures of the underworld.

Usually, those who witness the appearance of ghosts or poltergeists experience a panic fear, but as for Pingleton and Beitz, they try to understand the message of the spirits. The desire of these two people to communicate with ghosts caused the creation of the iPhone application named “Spirit Story Box”. Continue reading

Top 10 Things We Believe in Without Proof

unproven things we believeEmpirical evidence gives us a choice of what to believe, but even when we do not have solid evidence to support the existence of something, we tend to “expand” our faith in certain things. Below you will find Top 10 things we believe in despite the lack of verifiable evidence of their existence.

1. Cryptids

Cryptids are creatures whose existence has not been proven by science, such as Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot. There are uncountable amateur photos and eyewitness observations that make us believe in the existence of these creatures, even if their presence on Earth is not officially recognized. Until any cryptid is captured, they will remain mystical creatures without evidence of their existence. Continue reading

Do Einstein’s laws of physics prove the existence of ghosts?

ghostDespite the efforts of ghost-hunters around the world and their continuing investigations into abandoned houses, factories, old buildings, cemeteries, etc., which are most often accompanied by proper equipment, we still are not able to say with certainty if there are ghosts.

However, according to many ghost hunters, there are allegations of the existence of ghosts in modern physics and particularly in Einstein, who offered a scientific basis on the topic. Continue reading

Real Ghost Busters Study Anomalistic Psychology

ghost bustersStudents of anomalistic psychology study human behavior and experiences that are generally described as paranormal. However, these scientists operate without the assumption of paranormal activity; and studies often “bust” popular paranormal myths. Continue reading

Amityville Horror: true story based on real events

Amityville HorrorMost of you have seen the horror movie Amityville Horror. What you may not know is that it is based on real events, at least according to George and Kathy Lutz, who told their story to the author of the book.

In 1975 the couple moved into a house in Amityville, New York, in which there had been a family tragedy when the son of the previous owner had shot and killed the 6 members of his family. All the 6 victims were found face down in their beds with no signs of struggle. Continue reading

Poltergeist: origins of the mysterious phenomenon

poltergeistTranslated from the German, the word “poltergeist” means “noisy spirit“. Poltergeist is used to describe all sorts of noises and a spontaneous movement of objects around the house without a material cause. The poltergeist phenomenon is studied by parapsychologists. However, modern science takes parapsychology lightly.

But we should not deny that something like this happens. Many homes have their own poltergeists. It is believed that they can not cause physical harm to people, but may have quite a heavy impact on psychological health. Not everyone is ready to accept the fact that he shares his house with an unknown being or spirit that is unpredictable in its actions… Continue reading

9 questions science has no answer for

scientific unanswered questionsScience is expected to give answers to the important and the unimportant happening around us, and the truth is that most times it does not disappoint us. But there still remain mysteries that even the greatest scientists do not have an explanation for. Here are some of them:

1. What is consciousness?

Most of us have a sense of what is consciousness, but scientists have not yet defined it or even understood it fully. There are many theories about consciousness, and some of them even refer to quantum mechanics, but none can give a clear explanation. Scientists hope that in future, Continue reading