3 Techniques to Control Your Dreams

lucid dreaming techniquesHere is a list of techniques that will help you control your dreams. However, don’t expect immediate results because even if you train hard (several times a week), most probably lucid dreams will start coming a few weeks or even months later. After all, even the most experienced oneironauts (those who can control their dreams) rarely see more than 15 lucid dreams in a month.

If you are one of the few lucky ones who can remember their dreams in detail, consider that the first step to lucid dreaming is done. What if you have almost no memories? Well, then you will have to do heavy duty workouts. Every time just after waking up, write down in a special notebook what you have seen in a dream. In the beginning, it will be random moments and objects, but even the smallest details are important. In time, you will remember whole episodes, and then – whole dreams. Continue reading

How to Prepare Yourself for Having a Lucid Dream

lucid dreaming1. Prepare the room so that light and noise do not distract you.

2. Lie on your back with your arms at the sides and your eyes closed. This is best done when you are tired or sleepy, then the effect will be better.

3. Lie still, but try not to fall asleep. If you suddenly desire to scratch yourself, blink or something else – ignore it and all this will pass.

4. After about half an hour you will feel tightness in your chest, or even hear strange sounds, but do not be afraid, this is the so-called sleep paralysis. If during this time you open your eyes, you might see… read more

5 Most Common Nightmares and Their Interpretation (Part 1)

common nightmaresNightmares are an integral part of our dreams. Our pleasant dreams are caused mostly by our dreams and desires, unlike the nightmares that are a manifestation of such feelings as stress and anxiety.

In the nightmares, as well as in all kinds of dreams, all seen images are symbolic, so they should never be interpreted literally. Their interpretation can help you decipher an important message that your subconscious is trying to send you.

1. Lost or trapped

Feeling of being lost or trapped in a dream indicates the same feelings experienced by a person in real life in a certain situation. Does anyone make you do something against your will? Do you have exhausted all possible solutions to a problem and feel despair? Continue reading

Easy Ways To Increase Your Success In Astral Travel

astral travelWhether Astral Travel is accepted by science and society or not, many people have attested to experiencing this out-of-body experience. It allows the soul to travel anywhere in both earthly and heavenly realms. We can be in places that we desire or in completely higher planes and fields. To those who have experienced it, they have recounted that it happens during their sleep. Some may even refer to it as lucid dreams where they feel like they’re flying. The dreams can seem so real to them and some may even remember them vividly. Continue reading

Astral projection: 12 most frequently asked questions

astral travelWhat is astral projection: some kind of rare magic skill or something that anyone can learn? Is it an illusion of the mind or a real experience? What are its risks and benefits?

Astral projection is a phenomenon that concerns many people interested in unexplored human powers and psychic abilities. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest expressed in books, articles, seminars and groups practicing astral projection techniques.

To put things in order and sort out the scenery, I present you the answers to 12 most frequently asked questions about astral projection: Continue reading

Possible to gain skills and knowledge during sleep

lucid dreamingModern man rarely gets the chance to sleep properly. Most of the day passes in a rush, and not so much time remains for the renewal of energy. Americans decided that we should not waste our time. While you are sleeping, you also can learn something. Researchers at Yale University are developing a program that allows you to learn and get a variety of skills in your sleep. Continue reading

5 amazing facts about dreams you should know

dreamsEach of us sees dreams every night and yet we know so little about our dreams. Where do they come from? What do they mean? Can we control them? Here are five interesting facts about dreams that will leave you amazed.

The most common dream

If you ever wake up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about an extra-marital relationship of your partner, then you are not alone, says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dream expert, author and media personality. “The most commonly reported dream is one where your partner is cheating on you” he says.

Loewenberg conducted a survey with more than 5000 people and found that dreams of infidelity of one’s partner chase many men and women, sometimes on a recurring basis. It rarely has to do with real relationship, but only with Continue reading

Lucid dreaming: possible to develop skills while sleeping

lucid dreamIf you consider sleep a waste of time, get ready to change your mind…

According to a recent survey of the Yale University, people who are capable of lucid dreaming, which is a type of sleep when a person has a full awareness that he is dreaming and can control his dreams, are able to develop new skills with the help of their dreams!

The research resembled the movie “Inception“, in which a group of people during their sleep were able to release the subconscious and “plant” an idea in the mind of another person by entering in his dream. Continue reading