Water Charged with Music Energy Has Healing Properties

water healingPhysicist from Kazakhstan Vladimir Ivanov charges water with the help of music. Such water, he says, has unique healing properties and can be used as an adjunct to traditional medicine. The scientist uses the works of Bach, Mozart and other great musicians to charge water.

Healing essence The fact that water has a memory and its quality improves or degrades depending on the nature of the information it carries was known to the ancient healers-Shamans long time ago, who practiced impact on the energy structure of water. One can be skeptical of this, but today the ‘magical’ properties of water do not seem so magical. Water is a living substance, while human is a watery live being: according to science, more than 70 percent of our body is water.

Laser technology expert Vladimir Ivanov of Almaty, Kazakhstan, under the guidance of Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Guram Pichkhadze have been conducting experiments with water and other liquid media for many years. He argues that water has

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Pineal Gland: the Gateway to Other Dimensions or a Quantum Computer in our Head

pineal gland third eyeMany have probably heard that our brain has a small body called epiphysis or pineal gland. It is believed that this is our “third eye”.

Epiphysis has many names: the Third Eye, Adjna Chakra, the Eye of Eternity, the Mighty Eye, the Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Wisdom, The Seat of Soul (Descartes), Dreaming Eye (Schopenhauer), and the pineal gland. It has received its name because of its shape, resembling a pine cone.

Eastern occultists claim that the pineal gland with its own special structure of nerve cells and small grains of brain tissue is closely related to the subliminal transmission and reception of mental vibrations.

The pineal gland is accumulation of nerve tissue in the brain located near the center of the skull and right above the upper end of the spinal cord. It is shaped as a small cone and reddish-gray in color. Located in front of the cerebellum and attached to the third ventricle of the brain, it contains a large amount of particulate matter, similar to grains of sand, therefore it is sometimes called grainy tissue. Continue reading

Japanese Scientists Prove That Auras Actually Exist

auras existA group of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Mio Watanabe, conducted a series of experiments by which they managed to visually capture the aura of a person, thus proving its existence! With the assistance of highly sensitive cameras the scientists were able to photograph a person’s special glow. Notably, the glow appears brightest in the morning and seems to “fade” in the evening. It is most visible around the face, mouth, cheeks and neck. Experts believe that this technique could become a new tool for use in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. A faint glow around certain body parts may indicate the presence of a disease or disorder.

It is astounding that the existence of an aura remains in doubt if techniques for photographing it have existed for decades? The pioneers in this field, in fact, are the Kirlians, to this day any halos around photographed objects are referred to as the “Kirlian effect”. In their time the couple patented many inventions to photograph the glow and captured many images of it. Over time, they noticed that the images… read more

Astral Travelling: a great guide into the world of astral

astral travelProbably all of you have heard of astral travel. For some of you, astral travel idea seems crazy. But astral travelling was practiced throughout history, and there are thousands of documents and scientific experiments that demonstrate that astral travel is real. People are afraid of astral travel, as “sleep paralysis” may occur (a consequence of astral travel).

Skeptics have some reasons to reject the idea of astral travel:

  1. They think that in reality astral experiences are just dreams (It is wrong, since astral travel is a really aware experiment, thousands of people confirm this).
  2. They believe that those who practice astral traveling are always Continue reading