Psychologists Found an Easy Way to Overcome Social Anxiety

overcome social anxietyAre you afraid of public speaking? Want to make a good first impression? Thanks to the new psychological research anyone can combat his fears and insecurities within minutes.

Each of us from time to time gets into a situation when it is particularly necessary to have self-control and show confidence. It takes a lot of courage, for example, to start a talk with an unknown pretty girl or a handsome young man.

Everyone wants to make a positive first impression on a potential employer at the job interview or win an important client at the business meeting. Continue reading

Autosuggestion: How to Use This Powerful Mind Tool

autosuggestion mind powerWhen we face obstacles in our lives we not always try to overcome them by ourselves, but we rather tend to believe that we will certainly get some help from the world. We listen to the advice of friends and not-so-friends, family, read all sorts of articles and watch television programs and wait. Suggestion, which is a pretty powerful tool, plays a very important role here.

However, it is not always able to help us, and very often it may even do harm. Everyone has heard stories about how someone robbed people using suggestion. But you can also remember the stories with happy endings, for example, the ones about the placebo effect. Continue reading

People Treat You According to What You Think about Yourself

people attitude self esteemOnce Sir Francis Galton, one of the most notable figures in the history of psychology, decided to conduct a kind of experiment. Before his daily walk through the streets of London, he persuaded himself: “I am a disgusting person and everyone in England hates me!” After that, he concentrated on this belief for a few minutes and then went for a walk as he usually did.

However, it just seemed that everything was going as usual. In fact, the following happened: at every step, Francis caught queasy and contemptuous glances of passers on him. Many turned away from him, and a couple of times he heard coarse language in his address. In the port one of the movers, when Galton passed him by, hit the scientist with his elbow so much that he plopped down in the mud.

It seemed that even the animals had this hostile attitude towards him. As the scientist passed by a harnessed horse, it… read more

3 Techniques to Control Your Dreams

lucid dreaming techniquesHere is a list of techniques that will help you control your dreams. However, don’t expect immediate results because even if you train hard (several times a week), most probably lucid dreams will start coming a few weeks or even months later. After all, even the most experienced oneironauts (those who can control their dreams) rarely see more than 15 lucid dreams in a month.

If you are one of the few lucky ones who can remember their dreams in detail, consider that the first step to lucid dreaming is done. What if you have almost no memories? Well, then you will have to do heavy duty workouts. Every time just after waking up, write down in a special notebook what you have seen in a dream. In the beginning, it will be random moments and objects, but even the smallest details are important. In time, you will remember whole episodes, and then – whole dreams. Continue reading

6 Scientifically-Based Ways to Make People Like You

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughingSo how do you get people to like you? It’s easier than you think. Here are six tips that work, which is confirmed by a number of psychological studies:

1. Let people talk about themselves

It will give them a lot of pleasure. According to the researchers, the conversation about ourselves, whether it is a private conversation, or chatting on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, generates the same sense of pleasure in our brain as food or money.

“Self-disclosure is useful,” says Harvard neuroscientist Diana Tamir. According to Diana, for the sake of talking about themselves people can reject even money.

2. Ask Questions

If you use leading questions to help people become aware of their own mistakes and make the Continue reading

8 Simple Techniques to Persuade and Influence People

persuade and influence people1. Framing

This technique is often used in politics. The most popular example of framing is the inheritance tax. Politicians opposed to this tax will call it “death tax”. The use of the word “death” instead of “inheritance” causes all kinds of unpleasant associations.

Framing is a fairly unobtrusive technique, but using emotive words such as “death”, you will have more chances to convince people to accept your point of view. Continue reading

Effect of Consciousness on Reality Seems to Be Proven

consciousness realityDr. Joe Dispenza was one of the first researchers to study the effect of consciousness on reality from a scientific point of view. His theory on the relationship between matter and consciousness brought him worldwide fame after the release of the documentary “We Know What Makes a Signal.” A key discovery by Dispenza, was that the brain does not distinguish physical from emotional experiences. Roughly speaking, your brain cells do not distinguish between the real and the imaginary!

Few people know that the doctor’s research into neuroscience and consciousness began with a tragic experience. After Joe Dispenza was struck by a car, his doctors offered to rebuild his damaged vertebrae with the help of implants which subsequently could lead to life-long pain. This was the only way he would ever walk again, said the doctors. But Dispenza decided to skip the expediency of traditional medicine and regain his health through Continue reading