10 Unbelievable Future Technologies for Control of the Population

future technologyHere is a list of ten future technologies that will probably be used by the governments to limit our freedom and have a total control of our actions.

1. Cultivated human organs in genetically modified, patented pigs.

Those who will be in urgent need to find a compatible transplant will procure directly from Monsanto that will cultivate transgenic pigs which will be fed with modified seeds. Then hospitals engaged in the black market organ trafficking and illegal transplantations will endeavor to deliver the transplant to the applicant during his visit to the hospital. Continue reading

Most Weird and Unbelievable Predictions for 2013

predictions 2013Many of us will become vegetarians and will be faced with earthquakes, famines and sinking. We will hear the announcements from the medical community about revolutionary methods of treatment and prevention of chronic and incurable diseases. NASA will enlighten us on the inhospitable surface of the Red Planet, while scientists at CERN will promise us a journey through time in ten years from now.

Betsey Lewis, writer, researcher of Earth mysteries and famous TV presenter in the U.S., gives us a glimpse of events that are predicted to take place in 2013. Continue reading

Stay slim and fit: Tips to follow a healthy diet

dietMaking a healthy diet chart is easy but following the same is tough. Most of the people are aware of the ways to make a diet chart that has got all the nutritional requirements. Moreover, they know the health benefits of low salt and fatty food consumption. As a result, health conscious people add more of fresh fruits, green vegetables and lean proteins in their diet.

However, they need to learn how to stick to their diet chart that will help them to stay slim and fit in this life. Continue reading

18 strategies for managing stress

stress managementStress is a natural reaction to external threat. Our body gets the message about the importance of the right time reaction to an external threat. But in today’s society, many situations that cause stress have no need for such a reaction. Nevertheless, such situations cause physical changes in the body, and, as a result, we become stressed, which robs us of energy and efficiency.

Physicians recommend to relieve stress in order to avoid physical diseases: from high blood pressure to obesity. Use these 18 tips to get rid of stress and preserve health and peace of mind. Continue reading

Foods that increase your brain efficiency

brain power foodsAccording to many surveys that have been done until now, having a proper breakfast improves memory, enhances attention and tends to increase your brain efficiency.

In recent years, a plethora of research states that eating omega-3 fatty acids is essential for proper functioning and development of the brain since it enhances memory and concentration and protects from heart and brain attacks. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are: fish (especially sardines, salmon, mackerel, etc.), flaxseed, nuts, purslane, etc.

The whole grains (bread, cereal, pasta) are necessary for the body daily since they reduce the risk of cholesterol formation and are the main “fuel” of the brain.

Caffeine in small doses is tonic, it induces wakefulness in the body and helps your concentration. Caffeine is in Continue reading

Sleep can help us stay slim

sleeping girlThe inextricable link between sleep and obesity seems to become more obvious as time passes. This phenomenon occurs mostly in advanced countries dominated by western nutritional concepts and western way of life. The recommendation for 7 hours of sleep is not just about relaxation but also about a variety of neurochemical and hormonological processes taking place in our bodies as we sleep. Continue reading

Fast food is proven to cause depression

fast food depressionDelicious dishes that are part of the menu of fast food outlets do not only “burden” our silhouette with extra pounds, but according to a Spanish study, affect our mental health.

As researchers from the University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands explained in a publication in the Journal of Public Health Nutrition, people who often eat fast food have more increased risk of developing depression than those who follow a healthier nutritional pattern. Continue reading