Let Children Believe in Santa Claus, Say Psychologists

santa claus mythGenerally lying to children is bad. However there is also a ‘white’ lie that is good to be told to children, according to psychologists. And this is because to believe in Santa Claus is a healthy part of growing up. The concept of a man who travels in the air on a sledge drawn by flying reindeers and manages to get into the houses all over the world in one night is a fairytale. Yet the myth of Santa Claus is alive and well throughout the centuries and has become a timeless tradition.

Imagination is an integral part of development

I don’t think it is bad for kids to believe in the myth about someone who is trying to make people happy and reward them if they show good behavior,” said Dr. Matthew Lormper, child psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. “Imagination is an integral part of growing up and helps Continue reading

10 Tips for Reading Body Language

reading body language1. Carefully observe what is happening around.

Attention is the basis for effective interpretation of non-verbal communication. Constantly watch the gestures, facial expressions, postures of the person. It is the only way to be able to consolidate and improve this skill.

2. Observation in the context is the key to understanding the psychology of non-verbal communication.

You need to remember that the signs of cheating as such do not exist: Continue reading

Watching a Person’s Eye Movement: the Best Way to Detect Lies

You’ve probably seen dishonest people who avoided eye contact with you. Our eyes, as well as the whole body, reflect our true thoughts.

The police, for example, analyze the eye and hand movements of a suspect. Our whole body but especially our face constantly shows how we feel at that moment and what we hide behind our speech. However, there are people with well-developed ability to hide the body language, people for whom the lie is a way of life.

There are ways to identify the kind of a person’s thoughts, which have to do with the eye movements.

Specifically: Continue reading

Top 7 Secrets of Effective Liars

effective liarThese 7 secrets can be used not only for effective lying, but also for the detection of skilled liars.

1. Do not overdo it.

“Prisons are overcrowded with bad liars,” says Charles Ford, psychologist and author of Lies ! Lies ! Lies! “Good liars are still at large.” But what are the differences between a good and a bad liar? Effective liars never go too far. If you do not want to be caught, serve lies in small portions, leaving the main dish for the most important moment.

2. Think out your lies beforehand.

In 1990, psychologist Bill Flanagan found that liars who had thought through the details of their stories in advance, had more success in convincing their interlocutor than those who hadn’t. According to psychologist Dr. Cynthia Cohen, “it is easier to catch someone in a lie when it is Continue reading

10 Things in Your Everyday Life That Are Slowly Killing You

malnutrition1. Malnutrition

It has long been known that high-calorie foods and foods with small amounts of vitamins, which contains a lot of preservatives and dyes, have a detrimental effect on health and can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

2. Cigarettes, alcohol and energy drinks

Smoking will inevitably degrade the overall condition of the body, causing disease of the lungs and heart. Alcoholic beverages, regardless of the concentration of alcohol, are addictive and kill the body slowly but surely. As for the energy drinks, the producer himself says that there is nothing good about them. 1 can of energy drink is equal to 10 cups of coffee drunk in one gulp. In addition, they are addictive and the constant use of them can lead to irreversible effects on the body and the person eventually becomes sluggish and sick.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the strongest enemies of health. The body needs an average of 7 hours of healthy sleep to properly function. The constant lack of sleep can contribute to the development of diabetes or hypertension. Continue reading

7 Most Common Body Language Signs of Lying

lying signsIt’s no secret that adults tell the truth much less than children. More precisely, it’s not that they lie, they just keep back a lot of information. And if in words we can say anything, our body betrays us nonverbally. Therefore it is very important not only to listen to what people say, but also to look at them.

1. Shielding one’s mouth.

Remember the three monkeys? I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing. One sign of deception is the shielding of the mouth.

2. Touching one’s nose.

Remember the tale about Pinocchio, whose nose began to grow rapidly, when he was lying? In fact, this process happens physically: Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Human Behavior

human behavior1. People with high levels of testosterone get pleasure from the anger of others.

2. People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others. Subjects who were told that the results of their IQ test were poor expressed more national and religious prejudices, than those who reported higher results.

3. People sincerely believe that their negative opinions about others are truthful and have no connection with them and their self-confidence. In fact, the humiliation of others helps them restore their own self-esteem.

4. The behavior of people is affected by bodily sensations. For example, there is a strong association between heaviness and Continue reading