Eye Movement Can Reveal Much about Your Personality and Behavior

eyes behavior personalityEveryone knows the saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Now it seems that their relationship with the brain function is proved. The slightest eye movement can reveal information about the personality and behavior of a person, claims a new study.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University found that rapid eye movements show impatience and inability of self-restraint.

Understanding how the brain perceives the time can explain why the decision-making process is more difficult for people with neurological disorders such as schizophrenia or for people who have suffered a head injury. Continue reading

5 Habits That Will Boost Your Willpower

boost willpowerWe all struggle with ourselves at times. Many times it is hard for us to make decisions, and finally we get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.

In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits that strengthen willpower. Here they are:

1. Make clear what is that you want

How can you know if you should Continue reading

7 Common Mind Traps That Affect Our Thinking

jamais vuThe human brain is able to perform more than a thousand operations per second. This means that its power is still greater than of any computer invented to-date. But this does not mean that our brain does not have limitations. A simple calculator can perform calculations much more precisely and faster, and our memory is often unreliable.

In addition, we tend to fall into traps of our own consciousness, which, time and again, lead us to questionable choices or result in making biased decisions. In this article we will discuss seven of these common traps or, scientifically speaking, “cognitive dissonances.”

1. Affirmation bias

We like to agree with people who agree with us. That is why we often visit forums where people sharing our political views tend to congregate, and we communicate with people, whose tastes and opinions are similar to ours. We despise individuals, groups or sites which provoke us to doubt our established beliefs. Psychologist B. Skinner called this phenomenon a “cognitive dissonance.” Continue reading

Does Free Will Really Exist or Is It Just an Illusion?

free will illusionExperts from Harvard claim to have ‘crystallized’ the exact moment when the brain decides to perform an action or desire. This moment is not the same as the one when we think we have taken the decision. So does it mean that someone else ultimately take the decisions before we do?

In fact, the decisions are taken by the parts of the brain which “host” the subconscious, which has already made up its mind and announced it to the consciousness, located in another brain area. That is we learn later what our brain has decided for us. Continue reading

6 Qualities of Smart People

smart peopleSmart people stand out from the crowd. What makes them different? Here are their main qualities:

1. Ability to make decisions

They are determined and confident, they believe in themselves, listen to intuition and therefore have the ability to take the right decisions. We all have to make choices all the time, from everyday concerns to life-important decisions. Making choice is an integral and permanent part of our lives. But smart people know how to take a sober look at any situation, see all the prospects and take the best decision. That is the secret of their success. Continue reading