Top 5 Time Travel Concepts That Could Really Work

time travel conceptsThe possibility of time travel has occupied both great scientific minds and sci-fi lovers for quite a long time now. Despite the fact that it is considered impossible by most physicists, there are still theories that could really work. Here are 5 most interesting ones:

1. Cosmic strings

Cosmic strings are hypothetical topological defects in the space-time fabric, still remaining from the formation of the universe. With their help, in theory, a field of closed timelike curves can be formed, allowing travel into the past. Some scientists suggest that cosmic strings can be used to construct a time machine. If two cosmic strings get close to each other or a single string reaches a black hole, in theory, a whole field of “closed timelike curves” can be created. If one follows a carefully calculated trajectory on a spaceship around two infinitely long cosmic strings, in the theory, he can get anywhere and to any time.

2. Exotic matter

Exotic matter is a matter, which is somehow different from the normal one and has some “exotic” properties. Since time travel is considered non-physical, scientists believe that the so-called tachyons (hypothetical particles, for which the speed of light is a state of rest) either do not exist or are unable to … read more

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