What Would Happen If a Black Hole Passed Near Our Solar System?

black hole solar systemBlack holes are one of the most frightening phenomena that exist in space. Their gravitational force is so strong that they distort space and time beyond possible limits.

Therefore it begs a question what could happen if such a monster suddenly appeared or traveled to the vicinity of our solar system?

Before answering this question, let us first clarify some other questions. At what distance would it appear? Where would it come from? How massive would such a black hole be?

Possibility of encountering a black hole

Let’s begin by pointing out that our Sun is not capable of becoming a black hole since gravitational collapse of a star requires it to be 10-15 times more massive. There are no such stars in our galaxy, nor expected to be discovered. Closest to us are red dwarfs, each weighing around 8-60% of the sun’s mass.

So we are left with only two possibilities. The first one suggests that a black hole appears spontaneously in the vicinity of Earth. We can assure those fesinaring hadron colliders, big or small, this threat is minimal.

But the second possibility is more real. In 2000 astrophysicists have confirmed the presence of… read more

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