Sleep Disorders: Is It Possible to Die from Lack of Sleep?

insomniaOddly enough neither the reasons nor the evolutionary origins of sleep are known to science. From the standpoint of nature, sleep is hardly something worthwhile. If a person or animal is sleeping, his mind is ‘turned off’ for several hours. Needless to say, that in this state the chance of being eaten by predators grows significantly.

And yet, some regularities, if not reasons, of sleep were discovered by scientists. It turned out, for example, that adults who sleep 6 to 8 hours are characterized by a greater longevity. At the same time, an excess of sleep can lead to a number of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. But chronic sleep deprivation is associated with cardiovascular disease, depression, obesity, and even brain damage.

What will happen if you do not sleep at all? After the first sleepless night the so called mesolimbic pathway is activated in the human brain, and dopamine is released into the blood. With the help of it, a person becomes energetic, positive and active in terms of sex. Sounds good? It’s gonna be worse. First, the structures responsible for making decisions and assessing their consequences are deactivated in the brain one after another. The result is … read more

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