4 Ways to Utilize Technology in Informal Education

informal education technologyBefore academic institutions were established, informal education already existed. It takes on different forms and now, more than ever, proves to be a good way for any individual to learn. But first, we must define this concept.

Informal education basically covers every aspect of learning that doesn’t take place in a normal school setting. Homeschooling, or unschooling, is one of the most common forms of informal education. Going to far-flung areas where the youth can’t go to school is a common way to practice informal education in many third world countries. But for this article, we’ll be tackling a type of informal education that’s not given that much thought.

Self-learning is something any individual can do without needing direct help from teachers. With the advent of technology in the recent years, it’s even more possible to anyone with a computer. Learning extensively about Physics and Biochemistry is made possible due to all the resources provided by technology. Devouring books in local libraries is no longer the only choice to expand your knowledge. Technology offers more options on how you can explore and break the boundaries of human learning.

Download e-books. Isn’t it frustrating when you want to read a book so much but it’s in a library a thousand miles away from you, and it’s too expensive to purchase? Well, save yourself from scavenging in second-hand bookstores, because all of the books you can dream of can be downloaded online. Buy yourself an e-book reader or a tablet, and spend hours into the night learning about a new language or understanding the intricacies of human behavior. You can either download e-books for free on sites such as…. read more

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