10 Tips for Reading Body Language

reading body language1. Carefully observe what is happening around.

Attention is the basis for effective interpretation of non-verbal communication. Constantly watch the gestures, facial expressions, postures of the person. It is the only way to be able to consolidate and improve this skill.

2. Observation in the context is the key to understanding the psychology of non-verbal communication.

You need to remember that the signs of cheating as such do not exist: there is no single gesture, facial expression or involuntary muscle contractions which by itself would mean that the person is lying. Gestures, posture, facial expressions, voice, expressing the fear and anxiety of an innocent person can be observed in a liar. It is the observation in the context that helps distinguish the fear of groundless accusations from the fear of being exposed.

3. Learn to recognize and decode signals of nonverbal behavior.

Some movements are almost impossible to control. Such as pulling down the corners of the mouth, which is very difficult to portray without experiencing negative emotions.

4. Learn to recognize and decode nonverbal signals of idiosyncratic behavior.

These are individual non-verbal signals peculiar to a particular person. To determine these signals, you need to know the person well enough. For example, if your friend bites his lips or strokes his hand before the interview or examination, it is a sign of excitement which reveals lack of confidence. In any future stressful situation… read more

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