5 Habits That Will Boost Your Willpower

boost willpowerWe all struggle with ourselves at times. Many times it is hard for us to make decisions, and finally we get stuck in life situations unable to find the way out.

In her new book, the author Katie Morton analyzes the habits that strengthen willpower. Here they are:

1. Make clear what is that you want

How can you know if you should “give in” or “resist” if you do not first know what the desired result of what you seek is? Clear goals leave no room for negotiations.

2. Believe in your abilities

We cannot control everything, but we can control our behavior. The truth comes from within, and our choices reflect our beliefs. If you believe that something is too difficult to accomplish, then you will probably do likewise and will not to see any results.

3. Solve problems rather than giving up

Changes make us feel uncomfortable, and when faced with an obstacle we usually … read more


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