Déjà vu: Why Do We Have Memories Coming from Nowhere?

deja vuDeja vu is a very strange and in some cases even unsettling sensation that always causes some confusion. A certain sound, place, or sentence said by someone is perceived as something familiar and makes it feel like if we had previously found ourselves in this situation.

The first visit to a store which made you think that you have already been there once, or the painfully familiar face of a person you see for the first time are all symptoms of deja vu.

The French term déjà vu can be translated as “already seen.” However, even if we are insistently trying to recall exactly when we saw it, it is impossible. Deja vu is linked to several concepts: deja vecu – «already experienced», deja entendu – «already heard» and jamais vu – «never seen». The last term refers to the opposite phenomenon of deja vu – when a person does not recognize familiar objects.

It is scientifically proven that deja vu is experienced by almost 70 % of people, so do not be surprised if it will happen to you one day. Typically, this weird sense lasts for 30 seconds, with a few exceptions.

People have come up with a lot of explanations for this strange phenomenon. Scientists develop original theories, eastern religion links deja vu directly to the reincarnation, and psychiatrists suggest that déjà vu is a symptom of a serious mental disorder.

One of the most common explanations of the phenomenon is the influence of our… read more

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