Do You Need Art School To Be Successful?

art school successFor aspiring artists, the prospect of art school can be daunting.  It’s competitive, it’s expensive – but when you get past that, it can be one of the most life-altering experiences for an artist.  You get special opportunities, you make countless connections (socially and professionally), and you’ll learn about all aspects of art – you’ll get a well-rounded education, including art history, various forms of studio art, and design.  Interested in art school?  Read on:

A competitive edge

In the art world, people sometimes assume no degree is needed for success.  That’s not to say it’s advisable – stardom, though tied to talent, almost has more to do with winning the metaphorical lottery.  For most of us, it’s simply not going to happen. 

A bachelors’ degree in fine arts (or, even better a BFA) will definitely give you a leg up.  As each generation becomes increasingly educated, a college degree is quickly becoming vital.  Now, an undergraduate degree is almost the status quo; masters’ degrees, too, have recently become much more popularized.

Make connections

In art school, you’ll be taking classes with who will presumably be the future leaders in the field -you could be making the connections of a lifetime.  And more than in the strictly practical sense, there’s something wonderful about being thrown together with a group of artistic young people -that’s a breeding ground (in the figurative and literal sense) for creativity.  You’ll be inspired by… read more


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