10 Psychology Tricks to Get People to Do What You Want

get people to do what you want1. Reaction to kindness, or Benjamin Franklin effect

History tells us that Benjamin Franklin wanted to befriend a person who did not really like him. This person was looking for a rare book, which Franklin had. When Benjamin learned about this, he let this person to borrow this rare book, and when the book was returned to the owner, Benjamin simply thanked him. As a result, they became best friends.

As Franklin used to say: “Those for whom you’ve done good once, will be ready to respond with much more good than you offered”…

2. Try asking for more than you actually need to get.

This idea is very simple and is akin to trading on the market. This will never fail to work for you. You have to augment your needs if you are of interest to someone. First, you will most likely get refused. Do not give up, and give it some time. In 95% of cases, the person who are interested in you will eventually respond and offer a little less than you originally asked for, but it is guaranteed to be higher than you initially wanted to receive.

3. Conditioned desire to help

This idea is very similar to the previous one. In order to make someone to have an authentic and willful desire to help you, ask them once to do something for you that they may not be capable of doing. Having been refused, you have created for yourself a person who will feel owing to you. Most likely, they will feel like helping you other times because they will have a guilty feeling of not being able to help in the first place.

4. Always flatter

Flattering is ubiquitous. For starters, learn to understand that flattery should look natural, otherwise it may bring more negative outcomes than positive.

If you try to play along to someone who has a high self-esteem, then you have better chances in succeeding. People of this type love themselves and love flattery, and they do not seem to… read more


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