Possible to Overcome Phobias While Sleeping!

phobias sleepEveryone has fears, either kept private or expressed openly. Some people get trembles and shaky hands at a fear of public speaking, or supervisors, some people are afraid of heights, high speeds or stuffy confined spaces. Phobias are a common thing, but letting them go is not so simple. Soon it may become possible to replace sessions conducted by psychiatrists with an unusual and pleasant treatment … during our sleep, scientists say.

Are you afraid to ride subway, to meet with your own boss or look down from the balcony on the fifth floor? Perhaps, getting rid of these phobias, instead of a chair in the office of a psychiatrist, pillows and blankets will be just as efficient. Targeting brain activity during sleep can help mitigate the effects of fear-inducing memories, researchers claim. An “anchor”, entrenched in the brain as an association with a fearful memory, acts in the opposite way, as a healing agent during sleep.

Phobia is an unpleasant, even painful disorder. In fact, this is normal fear, amplified many times and reaching pathological state. It can be provoked by anything: insects, mice, stray dogs, confined spaces, driving at high speeds. The feeling of paralyzing and panic fear is accompanied by sweating, heart palpitations and involuntary trembling of hands and feet.

In contrast to the normal fear, which often can be managed, phobias cannot be controlled by consciousness. Attempts to try to persuade a person that the field mice are not dangerous and that driving at a hundred miles per hour is… read more

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