8 Common Tricks Your Mind Plays on You

mind trapsCheck out this list of deceptions our own minds play on us.

1. I would have been happier if I worked less.

Our minds often tend to come up with this argument, when we think that we would be happier if we did not have to work. We imagine in our heads a life full of pleasures and start falsely assuming that this would make us happier. However, the reality is that idleness is often the main cause of boredom and depression. We are hardworking and creative by nature. We have to solve problems and improve ourselves in order to be happy. Get up and put your heart and soul into something meaningful to you and you will see your own happiness greatly improve!

2. It’s not me, it’s them.

Our mind is trying to make us believe that our unhappiness is caused by people around us, our spouses, parents, etc. We are quick to throw accusations and complaints left to right, like a kid throwing toys in kindergarten. Of course, it takes two to tango, and just as often as we blame others, we feel guilty for the misfortune of other people. We need to take responsibility for our life and do everything possible to improve the situation. The moment we take the responsibility for our lives, we will provide a solid foundation of our true happiness.

3. In order to be happy, I need to know the secret of happiness.

Most likely, there are no secrets to happiness or success. No matter how strongly books, authors and our own mind try to convince us, there is no secret key to open the door to our own happiness. Instead, you can create a vision of your perfect future, shape your own strategy, and then persistently and diligently work on achieving it. There are no shortcuts or secrets to the goals you are trying to achieve. By admitting this, you will … read more


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