6 Most Mind-Boggling Theories about the Universe

universe realityThe universe is mysterious, and the more science learns about it, the more amazing it seems to be. When looking at all the theories presented here, reader can simply burst into laughter. But what could be more bizarre than something already known to us?

1. Everything we are surrounded by is the “The Matrix”

Many saw the film where the main character (Keanu Reeves) learns with astonishment that the world around him, “The Matrix”, is something resembling a ghetto created for people by computer intelligence. This is, of course, science fiction, but there are scientists who are ready to take this idea seriously.

Nick Bostrom, a British philosopher, has suggested that our whole life is a very complicated game, just like the popular The Sims game: the development of the video game industry could enable us to construct our own world realities, and everyone will live forever in this isolated virtual reality. If this happens, there is a possibility that our world is built based on a code written by an unknown programmer whose abilities are much more powerful than those of an average person.

Famous physicist Silas Beane of the University of Bonn in Germany, sees this differently: if everything around us is a computer rendering, it means that there is a point or a line beyond which it is possible to identify the “pixels” from which everything is made. This boundary, according to Bean, is the Grayzen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin limit, and without going through scientific details, it becomes possible to say that the German physicist has come up with a proof that we exist in an artificially-created reality, and he is determined to find out which computer has this reality installed on.

2. We all have a “clone”

Perhaps you are aware about this popular science fiction premise when it is stipulated that there is an obscure world where each individual is accompanied by an “evil” alter-ego, and where a hero is destined to fight this character and win the fight.

This theory takes into consideration the fact that the world consists of limitless combinations of a predetermined set of particles, like a room with the kids playing with the “Lego” pieces. They have equal chances of building something similar using the blocks, but do it in different ways. The same applies to humankind, perhaps somewhere there is an exact copy of our world in existence.

3. The worlds may collide

Beyond our world there may be many other worlds, and nothing prevents them from a possibility of colliding with our own reality.

Anthony Aguirre, a Californian physicist, paints a picture of a gigantic mirror falling down from the sky, which will reflect our own frightened faces, if we are quick enough to realize what is happening. At the same time, Alex Vilenkin with his colleagues at the Tufts University, USA, are convinced they have found traces of such collision.

Relic radiation is a weak cosmic electromagnetic radiation flowing through the outer space, and all of the calculations indicate its uniformity, but there have been spots discovered where the signal is above or below normal. Vilenkin believes that these are the residual traces of collision between two collided worlds.

universe4. Universe is a gigantic computer

It is one thing to assume that everything surrounding us is a computer game, but not the same to say that the universe itself represents a supercomputer. A theory like this exist, and it holds that… read more

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