Predicting the Future Is Not a Myth: Each Person Has This Special Ability

clairvoyance scienceProphesying the future is a film genre that many of us prefer, including the movie Next starring Nicholas Cage in which he is capable of predicting a certain event within a few hours of its taking place. But do not believe that this only takes place on television, as in reality, everyone has this capability.

Through a study, American scientists now claim that human beings may have the ability to see the future. According to reports, this study may shock the world of science. Currently, University of Washington researchers are conducting a series of experiments to reveal the mystical acumen of the brain for prediction of everyday events.

This is not fortune-telling or superstition. This study will be of help to patients with neurological disorders such as early schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, mainly because in these diseases, patients suffer from long-term consciousness loss, resulting in mental disorders.

The researchers studied the brain’s Central Dopaminergic System and concluded that it may provide the information to the brain in unexpected situations. They used functional magnetic resonance imaging technique to record daily data from the test subjects. The person in charge of the study, University of Washington associate professor of psychology Dr. Zacks, said prediction of impending events is crucial for guiding behavior, but is also a key component of predictive perception, language processing and learning theory, and is of great help in predicting the future.

Researchers are discussing theory for how to predict impending events. The core of this theory is actually … read more

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