5 Step Path to Preparing for an Interview

job interview preparationPreparing in the right way for an important interview means covering a few key areas – what are some of the main things that you should be focusing on, from researching a post, through to preparing a portfolio, and ensuring that you are psychologically ready on the day of the interview? It’s also important to be able to anticipate questions before an interview, and to be able to prepare for rejection, while still being able to learn from problems and build on them for your next interview.

1. Researching the Post

You’ve received an invitation for an interview, and now have to wait for the date – during this time, you should go back over a job application pack to check all the specifications for the post that you’ve been given; read through your CV and covering letter to check that you’re able to elaborate on points, and read up on a job online. You can gain a broader understanding of what a business or institution does, and can be prepared to discuss topics and issues around a job or industry.

2. Preparing a Portfolio and Documents

You may be required to prepare a portfolio and other documents to bring with you for an interview; double check your application materials to see what you need to bring with you, which might include invitations letters, a CV, and application forms – take notes and have them to hand if you need to develop points. Check to see whether or not you’ll need to present your work, and if there’s nothing specific in the job advert, keep a portfolio in a bag ready in case they do ask to see it.

3. Anticipate Questions

While it’s impossible to know exactly what an interviewer will ask you, there are some common questions that tend to come up again and again in these situations – they may ask you for examples of … read more

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