Direct Communication Between Two Minds Proven to Be Possible

telepathic communicationIn an experiment that seems to come out of science fiction, American neuroscientists connected with cables the brains of two rats, allowing them to perceive and accept the stimuli of each other, even at a distance of thousands of kilometers.

Tricking the brain

“Can we trick the brain? Can it process signals from another body?” That was the question Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University in North Carolina tried to answer. And according to a study published in the journal «Scientific Reports», the answer is yes.

This unusual experiment is the first of its kind, claims Nicolelis, known from earlier work on connections between the brain and computers. In 2000 Nicolelis had presented a system that allowed a monkey to use a robotic arm via mental commands, and recently tested a brain implant that allowed mice to perceive light with the sense of touch.

A future for paralyzed patients

The ultimate goal of the researcher is to create a robotic exoskeleton that could be used by paralyzed patients with the help of mental commands. The latest study is not directly related to this goal, but it could help in efforts to capture and interpret brain signals.

The experiment was performed with two rats, one of which was in North Carolina and the other in Brazil. Both animals were trained to press a particular lever when a certain light bulb switched on in order to be rewarded with a sip of water.

Electrodes implanted  in the motor cortex

Both animals were implanted with electrode arrays in the primary motor cortex of the brain, which controls and coordinates the movements.

One of the two rats played the role of the transmitter, or “encoder”. When it pressed the lever, the signals from the motor cortex of its brain were transmitted to the second rat through an Internet connection.

The second rat, or “decoder” saw the lights switched on, without knowing which was the right one. In order to manage to drink water, it had to rely on the signals received from its remote “partner”.

Indeed, the second rat pressed the correct lever in… read more

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