Top Ten Ways to Enhance Your Memory

enhance memoryDo you know why children easily learn new things? Because they are constantly training their brain. Memory is a very powerful tool, but it becomes weak if it is not used for a long time. What do you do to make your brain stay active and productive?

We offer you 10 ways to improve memory and personal effectiveness.

1. Learn something new

Think on what you would like to learn and start. It may be a new hobby, such as painting or horseback riding. Try yourself in writing a poem or a fairytale. Do something you have never done before, and let your brain actively participate in it.

2. Read good books

When reading a book, your brain is “forced” to memorize information about the characters and events of the book. Images that arise in the brain stimulate the imagination. So, reading improves your memory, enhances your brain power and enriches your vocabulary.

3. Get rid of the routine

Try to make unfamiliar actions and take spontaneous decisions. For instance, you can replace your usual breakfast with something new, or try to learn to… read more

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