Top 5 most mysterious unexplained phenomena

spiritsOften something strange happens and nobody, even science can’t explain it. A number of phenomena that have to do with the human are still impossible to explain. Here are 5 top unexplained phenomena that still afflict the science.

1. Intuition

At some point we all have felt what we call intuition. Many people liken intuition with instinct, but the instinct can often be wrong, while the intuition most often comes out right. Psychologists say that the person subconsciously takes information from the world around him, with the result of sensing or knowing information, although without realizing the source of this knowledge/sense. The phenomena of intuition are extremely difficult to evidence or to study that is why the psychological science can’t solve all these questions.

2. Mysterious disappearances

Unfortunately as time goes a number of mysterious disappearances increases. Some might run away, others might suffer some accident or be the victims of abduction. There are some other cases when disappearances are really mysterious. Starting from the crew of the ship Mary Celeste to Jimmy Hoffa and Natalee Holloway, some people seem to have gone from the face of Earth, leaving absolutely no trace behind them.

3. Deja vu

Deja vu” means “already seen” and is associated with a mysterious feeling we get when it seems that we have already relived some specific events in the past. Some attribute deja vu with the supernatural experiences or spontaneous glimpses into past lives. As with intuition, the psychological research can offer more naturalistic explanations, but the cause and nature of the phenomenon still remains a mystery. read more


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